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Manifesting, Desire and Happiness

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Q: Being in the now is a tool to stop thoughts and come in contact with the inner being and higher self. I have been there but find that something is missing in that reality. I have been studying thoughts, feelings, and emotions and what creates in the universe for some time.

"Give up the ‘me’ and all thoughts about ‘me’ and just be here, without your stories, beliefs, opinions, judgments, dreams, fantasies, memories, self-images, and feeling and just experience. You are that which experiences this life."

I agree with most of this... but just simply being in the now without any desire at all doesn’t bring anything into creation. We are creating our reality, and to create anything you have to see it, feel it, and be it.

A: You are correct in discovering that the pointing to the inner truth is also just part of the truth. My sense is that spiritual teachers tend to emphasize the part of the truth that is being overlooked, and so in most cases we point to our true nature, since people generally already have a lot of contact with their desires and feelings.

Desires and feelings are as natural as flowers and grass. They arise naturally out of the exuberant joy and fullness of our Being, and they can be a part of how Being creates. The one thing I might add is that fulfilling a desire by manifesting something doesn’t really make us happy. It is just that when we successfully manifest something, for a moment our desire subsides, and the inner joy behind desire itself rises to the surface. This is a subtle distinction, but it can be freeing to discover that desire and happiness both flow from the same source. Both are expressions of our essential joy. Seeing this can actually free you to desire even more, because it is equally rich to want something as to get it! And yet you can also hold all of your desires lightly, because what matters more is the source of the desire, not the object.

Passion for the Truth

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Someone else wrote the following:

What to do about this impatience to wake up now. Everytime there is a sense that all is just happening, all just is... there is this ownership that immediately overlays it and this intellectualizing starts. " Oh now I get it. Its blah blah blah blah blah" There is still a residual hope/thought that I will get enlightened and enjoy the wonderful experience. What to do? (I'm guessing nothing, just be with the noticing of the alive presence that is there, and wait for grace... OK....I'm not supposed to wait for something to happen... its already what it is).

And here is my response:

I would simply suggest that you apply all the energy of your impatience and hope and passion to awaken to the experience you are having right now. If the mind is jumping in and taking ownership, then give this passionate curiosity to the experience of the mind. How do you know what you are thinking? What is thought really? When we "own" an understanding that arises, what is that like? Can you really "own" a thought, or do they all dissolve--even the most enlightened thoughts?

When you are just being with the experience, then notice what that is like. How do you know that you are just being with something? What is the quality of that dimension of experience? How does it compare to the moments when you are efforting or hoping? And what about the moments when you are efforting to just be?

There are no right answers to any of these questions, and in fact your experience of them will naturally be different every time you ask them. You may not be able to do anything to satisfy your passion to awaken, but you can still express all of that passion to awaken in this exploration of your moment to moment experience. The point isn't where the exploration takes you, but the joy of the exploration itself. All of the joy and wonder and beauty of your true nature is right here in your impatience and passion and frustration. What a great place to "hide" it!

We can never mentally capture or own our true nature, but we can freely express it when it moves so strongly within us as a deep love for the Truth.


Experiential Truth

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Someone wrote me the following inquiry:

Nirmalaji, please clarify the following:

1-Difference between "Self Realization" and "God Realization"
2-Is Self Realization a precendent to God Realization?
3-Difference between "Facts" and "Truth"

And here is my response:

I find the most useful "definition" of such terms is an experiential one. The truth is whatever opens your heart, and expands your sense of your own being. Simple facts may or may not serve this purpose. There is a free download of part two of my book, Living from the Heart, that explores this experiential approach to truth more fully here.

And again focusing on the experience instead of just a concept, I would ask you, What are you realizing right now? Everything is God and everything is your Self.  So in a sense every experience is an experience of realization of something about God and Self. The main question is will you accept and embrace the realization that you are having right now. When we give our attention completely to the truth that is being revealed in each moment, then the realization of the biggest truths takes care of itself.


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