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Recent Testimonials About Christ Consciousness Transmission

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JesusdanielletonossicroppedWe have received some great testimonials regarding the Christ Consciousness Transmissions that we are offering in weekly online gatherings every Sunday at 11:00 am Pacific time. If you have some feedback that you would like to add, please use the contact form here to share your experience. We hope to see you on this Sunday's online transmission.


Recent Testimonials about these Transmissions:


  • “Just after you finished the transmission, there was a calm, easy presence that filled me. Then something extraordinary occurred—I had mobility in my neck.  About a week ago, my shoulders and neck jammed up, and I’ve been walking around like Frankenstein.... What you saw and what I experienced, with blood flow and the tingling in my mouth, then the instantaneous healing in my neck is awesome in every sense of the word, and I couldn’t wait to share this with you this morning. I even slept like a baby, hardly any shoulder pain this morning.  It’s a glorious realization of Divine Power and Blessing and Connection and Oneness. Thank you for being the conduit for undeniable healing. As you could imagine, I’m kinda on a cloud-nine of awareness and gratitude today!” –SB
  • “The day after the session, I felt Christ presence in my heart chakra. This was a more direct experience of Christ than I recall having before. During the session, I felt a deep soft love.... Since the session, I felt some big chunks of fear release. During my meditation this morning, I felt myself stand fully upright inside for the first time, not bent forward/pulled down toward the lower chakras/emotions.... I feel that whatever happens in life, I can meet it from love because that's what's here, now that fear has been released and shakti is flowing. This is a significant change, since I now see that I was responding from fear quite a lot before.” –JM
  • “The transmission shifted me back into Love. Afterwards, I felt an expansiveness in my chest, like the shield that had been guarding my heart had fallen away. For the next three days, it felt like my heart was being healed and repaired. Old hurt, anger and fear seemed to drop away. In its place there was a gentleness, softness, and sweetness filling my heart. I am in awe of the affect this had on the relationships in my life. My husband and children began to mirror back to me my own state of love, patience, and kindness. I am deeply grateful to experience such a profound healing of the heart and for tapping into Christ's loving presence from within.” –L. R.
  • "Nirmala, I just wanted to say that the transmission experience yesterday evening was astonishing. It was a mind-blowing, 'psychedelic' experience, but one that was personal and soothing and healing and comforting. For at least a few moments, I just felt indescribably good, better than I can recall feeling for many years, if ever. It will take me a while to fully process the experience. My skeptical, analytical, left-brain dominated mind is intensely curious as to what the hell just happened, if you will pardon the expression!" –J. T.
  • “I am the same person I was when we last talked, but I am also suddenly very conscious of this other I, one who is not just the form or identity of the me that I seem to habitually think myself into, not the one skimming the surface of this life, but the I that I recognize has always been more and is now suddenly invited to come forth again, reveling with curiosity, authenticity, and newness/excitement.... There’s no measure of gratitude for your generous assistance in opening these higher chakras, Gina.  I truly didn’t believe I was so ready, but ‘it’ sure seemed ready for me. I feel like I’m just starting to experience what it is to literally get out of my own way. I’m eager to share my excitement of actually experiencing what I’ve only let myself learn and read about.” –S. B.
  • “Thank you so much for the transmission session. It was so beneficial and still is. I felt a little bit drunk afterwards. I see that anger no longer has the impact that it had before. Angry thoughts came, but I just saw them and didn’t get involved with them. I am much calmer. I am feeling the benefit of the transmission even now. I am so thankful!” –L. L.
  • "I loved the group Satsang and transmission this morning. It was incredibly beautiful and I am feeling my connection to Jesus renewing in a way that is deeply touching my heart. I will be on the Sunday weekly group sessions as long as you have them." -G.S.
  • “The transmission was very, very strong for me at the moment you were transmitting. I cried the whole time. I think your Heart just exploded, so much Peace and Love.” –M. B.
  • "I feel so much less fear, and so much more trust and seemingly subsequent happiness. It is that I now trust without thinking what I have trusted from a conceptual vantage point for years.” –B. K.
  • “I have been having very visual experiences with Jesus during the transmissions. He shows up right in front of me and shows me things or tells me things. It has changed me profoundly, and I am very grateful. Jesus is my friend and Beloved now, and I feel His Presence with me wherever I am and whatever I am doing. Now that I have that frequency instilled in my being, I am able to remember it and call upon it throughout my day. I now can use it to shift a challenging situation, to open to more joy/love, or to bring healing where it is needed. It is also very healing for me to hear the message of Jesus coming through your female voice and body. It helps me to know that, I too, can BE that—that, I too, AM that.” –K. W.
  • On November 12th, I experienced my first powerful Christ Consciousness transmission from Nirmala and Gina and a wonderful channeling through Gina. The transmission was like the best meditation ever. What I received was dramatic and life-changing. During the transmission, I felt the fulfillment of a calling to religious life, which had begun some 62 years ago, and I now feel I’m finally making some significant progress on my spiritual path and with my new mission. I’m beyond grateful.” – J. D.
  • “After the transmissions, I have felt totally calm, as if the emotional edge is off of everything, and the voice of the ego has been more or less muted, noticeably so. I find that although I react to things that happen during the day, it is with a certain distance, like an amused observation of myself. I try to stop and remember Jesus during the day, and recapture that calm joy when needed.” –L. K.
  • "When the transmission started, I was flooded with emotion that moved me to tears, a great washing over me of gentleness and space. I felt the sensations that I am familiar with when connected with Spirit: a heavy pressure in the brow and crown, heat emanating from the heart through the body,  and something I had not had before, an image of Jesus in a glowing long white robe stretching out his hand to me and flooding me with love. After the transmission, I sat for some time watching the flames in the wood-burning stove, in a place of quiet-mindedness, peace, and spaciousness. I had been in a dark place the previous week, of grief and perceived aloneness and loss, and since the transmission, that distressing sensation is gone. I will join you again. Thank you." C. P.
  • “Wow, thank you for the transmission this morning. I've never experienced anything so intense. I can't begin to describe it other than releasing grief, perhaps many lifetimes worth, realigning energy centers, releasing denseness, and feeling it resolve to a beautiful mult-colored light. Like a birthing experience, perhaps. Thank you for such a beautiful experience.” –Q. P.
  • “Gina and Nirmala are conduits for an extraordinary gift, the direct transmission of intensified Presence & Love. I recommend you sample what they offer, and when ready, breathe and receive.” -M.A.


Here are some FAQ about the online transmissions.



(Painting of Jesus courtesy of Danielle Tonossi)


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Nueva Traducción del Libro de Gina, En el Mundo pero No de Él, en Español

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Nos gustaría anunciar el lanzamiento de una nueva traducción del libro de Gina En el Mundo pero No de Él en español. La versión de ebook está disponible en la tienda de Amazon Kindle, y también está disponible para pedir prestado gratuitamente a los suscriptores en el programa de suscripción de KIndleUnlimited. Aquí hay un enlace para comprar o pedir prestado el Kindle ebook en la tienda de Amazon en su país:

Pedir prestado o compre el Kindle Ebook en Amazon en su propio país: http://myBook.to/EnElMundo

Más información sobre el libro:

book cover en el mundo

De la Introducción, por Jesús: “Lo que he venido a enseñar ahora es que ustedes pueden encarnar amor como lo hice yo. Ustedes pueden convertirse en Cristo dentro de esta vida humana y aprender a encarnar todo lo que es bueno dentro de ustedes. Vine a mostrarles la belleza de su propia alma y lo que es posible como humano. Vine a mostrarles que es posible ser ambos, humano y divino, ser amor encarnado. Son igualmente ambos. Caminan con un pie en el mundo de la forma y otro en el mundo de lo Informe. Esta dualidad misteriosa dentro de su ser es de lo que trata este libro.”

"La consciencia que está dentro de mí también está dentro de ti. Tú eres el hijo igual que yo. Tú eres el “Yo soy” del que les hablé. Tú y Yo somos uno. Tú y todos los demás son uno. Muchos están listos para el Cristo interior, para que salga y se manifieste en el mundo más completamente. El nacimiento de este Cristo – de la Consciencia de Cristo – es la verdadera segunda venida. ‘Consciencia de Cristo’, como lo estoy usando, señala la divinidad dentro de cada uno y el potencial para que esa divinidad se vuelva una realidad viviente, para convertirse en lo que te vive. Yo fui un ejemplo de esa posibilidad en mi tiempo de vida dos mil años atrás.”

Este libro le fue dado a Gina Lake por Jesús. Es parte de una serie de libros, incluyendo Una Vida Heroica y La Trilogía de Jesús.


•Cómo encarnar al ser divino en el mundo
•Cómo saber cuándo estás identificado con el ego
•Cómo detectar al ego en tus pensamientos y conversaciones
•Qué tipo de pensamientos están en el flujo del pensamiento
•Cómo desidentificarte del ego
•Cómo estar en tu cuerpo y en tus sentidos
•Cómo moverte a la Presencia y permanecer ahí
•Cómo estar presente mientras hablas y actúas en el mundo
•Prácticas espirituales que apoyan la Presencia
•Lo que son la encarnación, la iluminación, la autorrealización y el despertar
•Trampas en el camino espiritual
•Cómo estar con las emociones
•Cómo están y sanar los bloqueos energéticos del cuerpo
•Cómo superar malos hábitos y adicciones

Reseña de David Fishman, maestro de Un Curso de Milagros: “¡Amé este libro! Es un compañero perfecto para todos los alumnos y maestros de Un Curso de Milagros, ya que abarca los temas principales y valores de UCDM en un formato sencillo que provee guía práctica para el uso diario. La guía que ofrece nuestro hermano mayor en las páginas de este libro es invaluable. Recomiendo mucho este libro como el complemento perfecto para UCDM y el perfecto primer libro para todos ustedes que aman y se preocupan por quien pueda no estar aparentemente listo ahora para abrir Un Curso de Milagros.”


Más libros electrónicos en español por Gina Lake y Nirmala están disponibles aquí, incluyendo varios ebooks gratuitos.


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New Channeled Message from Jesus about Transmission

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jesus christ good shepherd Gina chanelled a message from Jesus during our first online group transmission this past Sunday. You can listen to it here:

Listen to a channeled message from Jesus about these transmissions:


Christ Consciousness Transmission:

My wife, Gina Lake, has been channeling the words of Jesus for several years, and now he has asked Gina and me to make ourselves available as instruments of his transmission. We are simply acting as an antenna for this universal force. A Christ Consciousness Transmission (CCT) is an opportunity to experience a direct transmission of love and to speed up your evolution and to break through to a new level of being. It will assist you in embodying Christ Consciousness and being your best self: who you came here to be. It is particularly intended for awakening and can also clear and cleanse longstanding issues by working with the subconscious when doing so is in service to awakening.

In a Christ Consciousness Transmission, you will receive whatever is in your highest good to receive at the time. What you receive is not up to you and may never be known by you, although the results may be recognized over time. Transmissions work subtly, and so people vary in their ability to perceive them. It isn’t important that you feel anything in a transmission, although commonly people feel heat or energy flows or see or feel light or even colors. A transmission can have a powerful effect without you feeling or seeing anything at all.

What is important is your openness to receiving the transmission, which is why before a transmission you are asked to state silently your openness, willingness, and readiness to receive whatever is in your highest good. This opens the door to receiving, which cannot be opened except by you. This is why a belief in the power of transmission is important: If you don’t believe in the power of transmission, you won’t be open to receiving. So, while belief is not necessary to receive a transmission, a lack of belief can limit what you receive. The Ascended Masters behind such transmissions cannot override your free will. If you consciously or subconsciously say no to receiving a transmission, you won’t receive it as fully as you might.

Two ways to receive a CCT with Nirmala:


1- As Part of a Mentoring Session

I am offering a 20 minute transmission session as part of an hour long one-on-one spiritual mentoring session in person, or on the phone, Skype or Zoom. Follow the link below to arrange a mentoring session and mention on the form that you would like to include a Christ Conciousness Transmission or CCT in your session.

button book a session with nirmala


Jesus by Danielle Tonossi2- In Online Group Transmissions:

New: Gina Lake and Nirmala are now offering online group sessions of Christ Consciousness Transmissions every Sunday at 11:00 am Pacific time (12:00 noon, Mountain time, 1:00 pm Central time, 2:00 pm Eastern time, 7:00 pm London time, and 8:00 pm Central European time). These sessions are about an hour long and include a channeled message from Jesus followed by a 20 minute transmission to activate awakening.

These sessions are offered by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 (US) per session. You can click below to make a donation on Paypal, where you can also use a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Or you can mail a check made out to Endless Satsang Foundation to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340. Please make your donation before attending one of the sessions.


How to Attend an Online Transmission:

To attend a session after making your donation, follow this link at 11:00 am Pacific time (12:00 noon, Mountain time, 1:00 pm Central time, 2:00 pm Eastern time, 7:00 pm London time, and 8:00 pm Central European time) on any Sunday:


If you are not familiar with the Zoom platform where the meetings will be hosted, you can learn how to attend a meeting by watching the video here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-How-Do-I-Join-A-Meeting- You can attend online on your computer, smartphone, tablet or even by dialing in from your telephone. (See this page for instructions to join by telephone.) To sign up for a special mailing list to receive reminders in your inbox, use the form on this page: http://endless-satsang.com/sign-up-for-weekly-email-reminders.htm


Here are some FAQ about the online transmissions.


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