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EarthPulse Sleep Aid Device

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I typically only post about spiritual matters on this blog, but occasionally I will share about more practical matters such as the excellent meditation cushion I posted about a while ago. Today I want to let you know about my experiences with my newest gadget, the EarthPulse V5Pro pulsed magnetic field device. It is touted mainly as an effective sleep aid, and in my experience it really works well. After trying a few different approaches to using the EarthPulse to find what works best for me as explained in the very thorough manual that comes with the device, I have been sleeping remarkably well. I fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep more easily, and fall back asleep more easily when I do wake up in the middle of the night. I also definitely feel more rested in the morning.

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In the instructions, they also recommend that you do a Resting Breath Hold (RBH) test according to the steps they lay out for you. This is a simple way of using the length of time that you can hold your breath as a rough measure of how well your mitochondria are utilizing oxygen. As the instructions say:

The RBH test shows how long body can sustain itself on one full-breath of air. As you might imagine,…the longer you can hold your breath, the better your mitochondria are converting oxygen to ATP. Pretty simple. It objectively tests the relative efficiency of this most biologically active process. If you will bother to take the RBH test you will see your breath-hold ability quickly improve. Like an engine tune-up; fuel efficiency goes up and waste product (in the form of free-radical / oxidative electrons that damage mitochondrial DNA) go down. Antioxidants protect the mitochondrial DNA.

Two U.S. Swim Team clients came to us with 2:30 baseline RBH; in tip-top physical shape; both swimmers increased their static breath hold by 20% in 4 weeks. This effect is unreported anywhere in the scientific literature. Curiously both of their underwater swim (RBH under-load) increased by 50%!!!…from 50 to 75 meters. Pretty incredible that the mitochondrial improvement is greater under load than at rest…more than 2x

So I did the RBH test before ever using the EarthPulse and my result was 45 seconds. After using the device for two months, I did the test again today and easily was able to hold my breath for 75 seconds....an increase of about 65%!!!

Anyways, I am sold on the device and even signed up for their affiliate referral program. I think it could be an especially great boon for anyone traveling a lot as the device is fairly portable, and sleep is always a challenge when changing time zones and sleeping in strange beds. And any difficulties with sleep can be very damaging to one's health. It is possible that the many electrical influences from cell phones, emf, etc. are contributing to the problems a lot of people have sleeping. This device creates a magnetic field around your body that seems to cancel out the other negative influences.

The particular device I purchased is the V5Pro version which has two magnets. For anyone who does have trouble sleeping, I recommend using either the V5Pro or the one magnet V5 version. These two models have 10 preprogrammed programs that are especially helpful for sleep. The less expensive models only offer manual control of the frequencies, which would be fine for anyone who already sleeps pretty well, while still providing more general health benefits.

There is a ton of info on their website about all of the other benefits they have observed, but for now I am happy with what I am experiencing. Here is a link to their site that also records me as the one who referred you to them: https://earthpulse.net/#a_aid=Nirmala

It helps that they offer a 90-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy, so it is possible to give it a through test before deciding whether to keep it or not. For me it is definitely a keeper :)

Let me know if you do try it out.

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