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Free Spiritual Ebooks for Awakening

Below are free spiritual ebooks and free excerpts of our published books by Nirmala and Gina Lake to help you awaken, open your heart, and live more fully in the now. Click on the book covers or links for more info, reviews, or to download the free ebooks in various formats, including PDF, Kindle, Nook and Apple iBooks. New: Free spiritual ebooks in Spanish

New: Nirmala's and Gina's ebooks are now available on Kindle Unlimited, as well as Oyster and Scribd. These Netflix like ebook subscription services offer unlimited reading for a monthly fee. All three services offer a free trial for the first month.

Free Excerpts:

  • Nothing Personal
  • Meeting the Mystery
  • Living from the Heart
  • From Stress to Stillness
  • Trusting Life
  • Embracing the now
  • Choosing Love
  • Ten Teachings
  • The Jesus Trilogy width=

About the Free PDF Downloads:

Free downloads are in PDF format. These ebooks are protected by copyright. Nirmala and Gina offer these free spiritual ebooks and excerpts as a gift. Please tell others about these free downloads if you are moved to. Donations are welcome. If you would like to make a small donation on Paypal to show your appreciation for the free ebooks and free book excerpts, please use the following link:

New: Borrow Nirmala and Gina's Ebooks on Various Ebook Subscription Services:

You can now borrow several of Nirmala and Gina Lake's ebooks by being a member of the Kindle Unlimited program (like a Netflix for ebooks). And the first month is FREE! Learn more about the Kindle lending programs here.

Several of Nirmala's and Gina Lake's book are available on two other new services that are like a Netflix for books. Scribd and Oyster are additional subscription ebook services that allow you to read an unlimited number of ebooks every month for $8.99 or $9.95 per month. They also both offer a free trial for the first month. More info here.

About Nirmala:

Free Spiritual Ebooks by NirmalaAfter a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he has been writing Advaita books and offering satsang (gatherings for the truth) in the U.S. and internationally since 1998. Nirmala offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to this rich tradition of inquiry into our true nature. He is the author of several nondual books including the free books on this page. Nirmala points to the natural wisdom within each of us, and fosters the individual’s own exploration of their full potential for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Nirmala lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, Gina Lake, and their two corgi’s, Bodhi and Gracie.

About Gina Lake:

Free spiritual ebooks by Gina LakeAfter having a spiritual awakening in 1999, Gina Lake has dedicated herself to teaching and writing about awakening. She is also a gifted intuitive with a master's degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth.She is the author of several spiritual books, including From Stress to Stillness, Trusting Life, Radical Happiness, Embracing the Now, Return to Essence, Loving in the Moment, Getting Free, Anatomy of Desire, and Living in the Now. Free excerpts from these books are available on her website: radicalhappiness.com.



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