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Nondual Spiritual Mentoring

In this world of many distractions, how do you stay aligned with your deepest calling to know and live your inner spiritual truth? Our conditioning has created a tremendous momentum to an outer focus on the physical world and its challenges and limitations. What if you could be practically supported in creating even greater momentum towards resting in and living from your true nature in all of its richness and beauty? Nirmala, offers Nondual Spiritual Mentoring in person or over the phone/skype to support you in giving attention and awareness to the more subtle and yet more satisfying inner dimensions of your being. Whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for ongoing one-to-one spiritual guidance, this is an opportunity for you to more completely orient your life towards the true source of peace, love, and happiness within you. As a spiritual mentor and teacher, Nirmala has worked with thousands of individuals and groups around the world to bring them into a direct experience of the truth of oneness beyond the illusion of separation. He especially enjoys working with individuals because of the greater depth and intimacy possible.

Click here to book a mentoring session with Nirmala today at the special rate of just $40 for the first session.

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