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Download Return to Essence for FREE, Nov.4-6 Only

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Special Offer: Nirmala's wife, Gina Lake is offering her book, Return to Essence: How to Be in the Flow and Fulfill Your Life's Purpose, for FREE (today through Thursday only, Nov. 4-6) on Amazon.com as a free Kindle ebook here: http://amzn.to/1MHE0Fe  More info about the book is below.

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return to essence

Return to Essence describes how to get into the flow and stay there and how to live life from there. Being in the flow and not being in the flow are two very different states. One is dominated by the ego-driven mind, which is the cause of suffering, while the other is the domain of Essence, the Divine within each of us. We are meant to live in the flow. The flow is the experience of Essence - our true self as it lives life through us and fulfills its purpose for this life. Return to Essence explains what the flow is, how it feels, and what you will find there. It also explains what keeps us out of the flow; how action, talking, knowing, and choosing come out of the flow; how to discover where the flow is going; and how to find and fulfill your life's purpose. Exercises throughout provide an opportunity for practicing and integrating the information.

From Return to Essence:

“You cannot be fulfilled by someone else's life purpose; you can only be fulfilled by yours. You won't find out what that is by listening to the mind because it doesn't know. Only by paying attention to what is coming out of the flow and letting that lead you through your life will you fulfill your life's purpose.”

“You were meant for this life you are having, not some other life, not someone else's life. Experiencing is the reason you are here. However, you are not here for just any experience but for the ones you are having because you are the only one in this entire universe destined for these experiences. They are designed just for you. You are co-creating them with the Source, which is loving it all.”

 Download the free ebook of Return to Essence here: http://amzn.to/1MHE0Fe

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