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Introducing Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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Christ Consciousness transmissions:

My wife, Gina Lake, has been channeling the words of Jesus for several years, and now he has asked Gina and me to make ourselves available as an instrument of his transmission. We are simply acting as an antenna for this universal force. Christ Consciousness transmissions are an opportunity to experience a direct transmission of love and to break through to a new level of being. They will assist you in embodying Christ Consciousness and being your best self: who you came here to be. They are particularly intended for awakening and can also clear and cleanse longstanding issues by working with the subconscious when doing so is in service to awakening.

In a transmission, you will receive whatever is in your highest good to receive at the time. What you receive is not up to you and may never be known by you, although the results may be recognized over time. Transmissions work subtly, and so people vary in their ability to perceive them. It isn’t important that you feel anything in a transmission, although commonly people feel heat or energy flows or see or feel light or even colors. A transmission can have a powerful effect without you feeling or seeing anything at all.

What is important is your openness to receiving the transmission, which is why before a transmission you are asked to state silently your openness, willingness, and readiness to receive whatever is in your highest good. This opens the door to receiving, which cannot be opened except by you. This is why a belief in the power of transmission is important: If you don’t believe in the power of transmission, you won’t be open to receiving. So, while belief is not necessary to receive a transmission, a lack of belief can limit what you receive. The Ascended Masters behind such transmissions cannot override your free will. If you consciously or subconsciously say no to receiving a transmission, you won’t receive it as fully as you might.

These transmissions are not for everyone. And yet, if you are reading this, you are likely among the many that they are for. These Christ Consciousness transmissions are for awakening, and you’ve probably come to these teachings because you are ready to awaken. Even if you aren’t, these transmissions will still have a positive influence on your life and prepare you for awakening. They aren’t harmful to anyone. The beings behind them (Jesus and other Ascended Masters) know exactly what you need and will deliver just that.

Jesus explains:

“These transmissions come to you from the heart of God to the heart of the universe to your own heart. They are for you, for your awakening, and for all of humanity. As they raise you, they raise all, and that is their purpose. This is not an energy for personal use but for universal use. It is especially for those of you who have a personal mission of healing or raising consciousness on this planet, for that is my mission as well. You are, or can be, my hands and expressions in the world. The second coming of Christ is the arrival of the Christ within each of you on a mass scale. This is happening now. It is time, and it won’t be stopped or interfered with.”

“Let it be understood that this force has little to do with Christianity or concepts about who I was as an individual on earth. The Christ force is but one name for the universal force that I tapped into when I was alive and that you naturally answer to and step to when you are aligned with your divine nature. Know that you are no less than me, no less good and no less powerful, although you may have not realized this yet. This transmission will connect you with your original self, the knowing of who you really are, and it will touch all who come in contact with it with such knowing. Nothing short of a mass awakening on this planet is needed now.”

Preparation for receiving transmission:

The most important thing to do before receiving a transmission is to state inwardly your desire to receive whatever is in your highest good to receive. You can say something like this: “I am open, ready, and willing to receive whatever is in my highest good and for the good of all. In this moment, I align with all that is good and of love.” Then close your eyes, relax, and move into a receptive state. Put your attention on the experience you are having of sitting and receiving the transmission—not on your mind’s experience of it, but your body’s experience in the moment. That will make it more likely that you may catch the subtle energetic experience of the transmission. Set you mind aside as best you can and just be and experience whatever you are experiencing, without evaluating it or thinking about it. In other words, meditate! Transmissions take around 15 minutes and can be received either over the phone or on Skype.

How to receive a Christ Conciousness Transmission with Nirmala:

For now, I am offering 15 minute transmission sessions as part of an hour long spiritual mentoring session. Follow the link below to arrange a mentoring session and mention on the form that you would like to include a Christ Conciousness Transmission or CCT in your session. We may soon be offering group transmission sessions at a lower cost, so check back here or sign up for my email list to be notified when the group sessions start happening.

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What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness refers to enlightenment or the realization of our oneness with all and our inherent divinity, exemplified by Jesus Christ. Jesus lived what he taught, and taught from a higher consciousness, one free of ego. Jesus was an example of what we all can be, a model of what is possible for every human being, and he said as much. His message was that we, too, can be Christed—enlightened—as he was, and many are living proof of this today. Many are awakening to their true nature, and enlightenment is the culmination or endpoint of that process of awakening.

Jesus Christ, like other enlightened masters, was able to transmit universal Source energy to others because he was enlightened. It was not his energy that was transmitted. Rather, because he was enlightened, he was able to be an instrument of the universal energy that comes from Source, or God: the Oneness. Spiritual forces and Ascended Masters such as Jesus channel this universal Source energy to those on earth who are able to transmit it to others. Transmission is one of the main ways that consciousness is raised and human evolution is advanced. Transmission may seem mysterious, but we don’t have to understand it or even feel it to be transformed by it. That we can be affected by certain people in this way is a gift from Source to aid us in returning Home.


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The Many Dimensions of Love

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Q: I've learned that Love is inherent and always exists, but I have not learned that I can love all situations.  It seems to be a seed that is within me that certain situations evoke... like music, or trees, a particular person, etc.  I even feel the flow of  love for words and philosophic conversations; but they, too, are objects.

So my question is:  Do you think we need an object to experience the flow or mobilization of our love going outwards?

A: This is a great question. My sense is that love is an inherent quality of our Being that is always present. In its essence, it is simply awareness and acceptance. I would suggest that even in the situations that you say you can't love, you are still loving--being aware of and accepting--your judgment or resistance to the situation. The flow is still happening, but it is not flowing to the underlying situation. Instead it is flowing to your resistance or thoughts about the situation. And yet, it is still love!

The difference with the things like music and nature and a new lover is that we allow that flow to be full and complete. There is no hesitation or any divided attention in those moments and so we experience a fullness of love and attention and acceptance. What a gift when the circumstances match our conditioning and we can love fully!

It is also possible to love this fully when the circumstances do not match our preferences. The trick is give that fullness of attention and acceptance to whatever is present, and if judgment and resistance are present, then you can start by loving those. What happens if you get intensely curious about your fear, anger, pain or confusion? And if you really do not like what is happening, what happens if you get very curious about the experience of not liking what is happening? What are the specific sensations, thoughts, contractions, impulses, and desires arising in the moment? If you give these a fullness of attention and acceptance, is the experience any less satisfying than when you give that quality of attention to a beautiful piece of music or your favorite pet?

As for your more philosophical question as to whether we need an object for the flow of love to happen, my sense is that we do need an object. That is probably why consciousness went to all of the trouble to create an entire universe of objects including thoughts and subtle inner experiences to serve as objects of its limitless capacity for love.

However, it also seems possible to drop into the source of love and simply sense the limitless capacity for love itself, before it moves out into awareness of objects. In the deepest stillness and silence of pure potential for love, there is no longer any awareness or even experience. There is just limitless potential for awareness that in that moment is completely at rest. You "experience" this not by seeing or feeling the source, but instead you experience it by being it. "Being it" is not better than feeling it or experiencing it in its movement as love, but it does shift your sense of self....you realize that you are the source of both the love and the universe of form that serves as objects for love. That can be a huge relief to discover that you are the source of love as it then no longer matters whether you are experiencing it or not. It is similar to how it would feel if you had a printer that printed legal money....you would no longer worry if there wasn't any in your pocket or bank account as you could always just print some more!!

It seems that consciousness itself wants to experience the entire spectrum from purely being the source of love, to feeling the fullest flow of love to the objects of manifestation, and even to experiencing how contracted and narrow love can become when it is narrowly focused on a fearful thought. Perhaps the purpose of the different dimensions of love is to create contrast so that we can more consciously and completely discriminate and know the many dimensions of love. If we were endlessly dissolved into the source of love, we would not even know what love is or what it is capable of. When we move in and out of the depths of love and beyond, then we come to know love and even embody love, as well as always ultimately being love.

I hope this is helpful :)

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El libro de Nirmala, Nada Personal, ya está disponible en español (Nirmala's book, Nothing Personal, is now available in Spanish)

Written by Nirmala on .

El libro de Nirmala, Nothing Personal ya está disponible en español. Aquí hay un enlace para comprar el libro en su librería favorita:


Y aquí está un enlace a la versión Kindle de Kindle en la tienda de Amazon en su propio país:


NPfrontcoverSpanishAcerca del libro:

Advaita y las enseñanzas no duales tratan acerca de descubrir la Verdad.  Esta Verdad no es un dogma que estudias; es la Verdad de la vida - la Verdad de quien realmente eres.  Esta verdad se descubre, no se aprende.  Se descubre a través de cuestionar sinceramente, ¿Quién soy yo? Lo que descubres es que quien eres no tiene nada qué ver con auto-imágenes o roles, y todo qué ver con lo que experimentas cuando haces esta pregunta.  Lo que descubres es que como tú te pensabas es tan sólo eso - ¡un pensamiento!  Y más allá de ese pensamiento hay un gran Misterio - una experiencia de la nada, que es tu verdadera naturaleza.

Nada Personal te guía a la experiencia de tu verdadera naturaleza y te ayuda a explorar su profundidad.  Por medio de la exposición, preguntas y diálogos, te lleva a un lugar donde te das cuenta de la Verdad: eres una Consciencia amplia donde todo aparece, incluyendo tus pensamientos y sentimientos.  tus pensamientos y sentimientos no te definen pero solamente aparecen dentro de la Consciencia junto a todo lo demás.  Esta Conscienca es quien eres.

Nada Personal ofrece una guía suave y persistente para ver la verdad subyacente de tu naturaleza.  En esta concisa colección editada de pláticas y diálogos de satsang, se te invita a honrar el amor ilimitado que es tu verdadera naturaleza y a disfrutar la dulce riqueza que se revela cuando das a esta Verdad tu atención entera.

Del prefacio por Adyashanti, maestro espiritual y autor de La Danza del Vacío:

"La belleza de esta colección de pláticas y diálogos de Nirmala es que cubre gran parte del espectro del despertar espiritual, desde la experiencia inicial de la verdadera naturaleza de uno hasta los retos prácticos, que siempre son un llamado a mirar y entender más profundamente la forma en que el espíritu se manifiesta como todo en la vida y más allá.  Dentro de estas pláticas y diálogos, tú el lector, encontrarás a Nirmala siendo"

Más libros en español de Nirmala, incluyendo varios ebooks gratuitos están aquí


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