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There Is No Limit to How Limited an Experience Being Can Have!

Written by Nirmala on .

Q: Thank you for your pointers. There is a persistent issue I continue to toss about, and that has to do with the idea of one's thoughts, feelings, and desires being out-of-alignment with Truth. How and to whom has this situation arisen within Truth in the first place, such that it must be corrected?

A: One simple way of looking at it is....all there is, is truth. So in an ultimate sense we are never out of alignment with truth. However, on the more relative level, we can experience more or less truth. But more is not necessarily better. By experiencing less of the truth in a moment, we can focus our experience onto just a part of the truth and thereby create a contrast to an experience where we experience more of the truth. There is no limit to how extreme this contrast can get, as we all discover when life seems horribly contracted and out of alignment.

Perhaps all of our experiences are just the endless ways that awareness has discovered to create contrast and differences within the endlessness of truth itself. If Being is infinite and eternal, it would naturally be drawn to trying new experiences in endlessly new ways. One of the best and maybe only ways for an infinite Being to create is to create limitations within itself. Paradoxically, there is no limit to how limited an experience Being can have!

That all being said, on the more relative level there is a practical value to the notion of correcting a misalignment with the truth. It simply is functional when we are stuck in a small or limited perspective to correct that perspective with a more aligned or expanded perspective. So even though ultimately no harm was done by the misalignment and it even served to provide the contrast Being loves, there is also a natural impulse to then align or expand and bring experience back into a fuller state again. Life will assuredly take us out of alignment again sooner or later, and then we have that experience, and also get to discover how to realign from that new place of challenge or difficulty. And so it goes as life folds and unfolds itself in ever new and interesting ways!

As for your question of to whom do these misalignments appear, again there is more than one level. Ultimately, it is all happening to and also within the one Being that everything is. And yet on the more relative level, there are apparent individuals that serve as a focal point for much of the experience that happens. One bit of good news is that by creating apparent separate individuals, Being does get to have someone else to go out with on date on Saturday night! Again, what a clever way of creating new experiences within its infinite Self by creating a lot of different smaller selves to have those experiences, and also to experience each other.

I hope this helps and thanks for your questions.

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The Joy in Compassion and the Compassion in Joy

Written by Nirmala on .

A friend who is dealing with an extremely limiting and difficult illness recently used some of her very limited energy to contact me:

Q: I just started reading your newest book, Everything Is Included. I would like to share something with you and ask a question already! You have always been so generous over the years with your support and energy. You know my situation. I don't think I've shared much about the nature of my illness, and I won't say much now other than that it's neurological, and just directing my awareness can be a strain. Reading itself has become problematic.

Your first essay got me crying because I had the felt experience of oneness so spontaneously and often as a child, and then again as an adult ... but very seldom since ill. Your second essay is the one I feel most drawn to so far and it has already hinted at how I can relate to my present scenario differently, and I have felt some expansion.

However, I got really tripped up on the essay "You might as well Enjoy Enjoying yourself!" Very distressing thoughts came up with this sentence: "Whatever is happening is what you are creating right now, and that is what your being is enjoying immensely." First I have the thought that there're billions of us co-creating, and it all seems more mysterious to me than that. I didn't personally or solely create what's going on in Syria, or Trump as a presidential candidate, nor can I see how victims of genocide created those realities. Nor can I see how my friend's son who was born with a congenital heart defect created that for himself, nor the victims of Chernobyl, nor the Native American decimation from chicken pox, nor how the four teenagers killed by a drunk driver down the road from my house created that. You can see where this is heading. I could really get "into" self-flagellation if I go with the thought that "my" being created this illness. Did my caregiving parents also create their daughter's illness? Gangaji used to say some bodies are just stronger than others. And it also brings to mind Eckhart Tolle's (or was it Adya?) saying our first biggest mistake is to think of this as "my" life. To me, it's always felt more like a collective Beingness is creating the whole show.

Not that it's so black and white either. Obviously, there are aspects of my experience that I am creating. Ok, I think you can see the hole I tumbled down. And I'm undoubtedly writing to you before giving myself enough time with it! Thank you, as always, Nirmala, for your presence and compassion.

A: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am always touched when someone has a strong response to my books, as that means they are really considering the words I have written. And it is even more moving to me that you took some of your precious and limited ability to focus to check in with me.

As for the sentence that triggered you, I can completely understand why...especially if the sentence is considered all by itself. I agree with everything you said in response to that sentence, especially the idea that it is incorrect and lacking in compassion to take a statement about creating our reality and use it in any way to blame someone who is experiencing illness or tragedy. I did not mean it in that way and would not want to suggest anything like that.

My sense of this idea of how we create our reality is that it is a small part of the truth, and really just a very small part. All there is is truth, as truth is everything that exists. So small truths are still true and real. Even the illusion of a separate self has some reality...just not very much reality. As the essay you refer to put it:
My favorite definition of illusion is that it is something real that appears to be something other than what it really is. The smoke and mirrors that a magician uses to create an illusion are real smoke and real mirrors.So this illusion that appears as "you" and "your life" is not what it appears to be, but it is still real. Yes, it is a magic trick being done by the Being that you are, and yet the illusion is also made of that same Being. So the illusion is as real as the Being creating it.
So the you that appears to create your experiences is itself an illusion, but it does still exist. And so it does have some effect. As you said yourself, "Not that it's so black and white either. Obviously, there are aspects of my experience that I am creating." (continue reading)
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Written by Nirmala on .

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