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Listen for Free to Recordings of Eight Recent Satsangs with Nirmala

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Nirmala is now offering a free weekly satsang online on Wednesdays at 1:30 Eastern time and 10:30 Pacific time. The satsangs are an hour long and are recorded so that you can listen to them anytime. Here is the page where recordings of the last eight satsangs are available in reverse chronological order (scroll down to find the recordings): http://awakening-together.org/interact/weekly-satsang-with-nirmala/

There are also links at the top of that same page that allow you to join the satsangs live every Wednesday. And if you have particular questions that you would like to see addressed, you can post them in the live chat room or you can contact me in advance with the contact form on here.

Nirmala and Rafi

Nirmala and his beloved Rafi


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New Video: Excerpt from Jesus Speaking Audiobook by Nirmala's wife, Gina Lake

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Below is a video of a sample from the channeled audiobook by Jesus, Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life, which can be purchased on Amazon, Audible or iTunes. Or purchase below with Paypal, a credit card, or a check. If you have questions about the process of channeling, see FAQs here. Here is a sample for you to listen to:

Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life.  Jesus still exists and is and has always been available to those who are devoted to him. This audiobook is Jesus speaking from another dimension today. His message, as channeled through Gina Lake, is meant to bring you into greater alignment with the Christ within you, with Christ Consciousness. It is also intended to give you the experience of having a relationship with the wise and gentle being we’ve known as Jesus the Christ, as he speaks to you as if you were sitting in his presence. In it, you will discover how to become the loving, strong, and peaceful being you are meant to be, which Jesus exemplified. By doing a few simple things and shifting your perspective in small ways, which are explained in each of the chapters, you can become a lover of life. 4.5 hours. (An ebook and paperback of this audiobook are also available on Amazon.com.)

From the Introduction: “I am the one you have known as Jesus the Christ. I am speaking to you now through this channel to help you to know of my presence and to feel my presence in your life more fully. I want you to know that I exist here, in another dimension, that I am eternally present and continue to be the servant for all that is good, and that you—like me—are also eternal and will continue to exist once you leave this temporary body. You are so much more than you realize. I was but an example of what you are capable of as a human being. But in essence, you, like me, are much more than a human being. You are an eternal being. My intention in speaking to you through this audiobook is to help you realize your true nature and to live as the best human being you can be. The challenges are great in the human body, but you can overcome them and become the loving and strong being you are meant to be. By making a practice of doing just a few things, you can become more aligned with your own divinity, with the goodness within you. In this audiobook, I have laid out some of those things. These simple practices and understandings will help you be happy, more loving, and more at peace. These are the signs that you have arrived Home. You are meant to be happy, loving, and at peace. Allow me to be your guide Home.”

4.5 hours, $9.95 for the downloadable zip file. Eight mp3 files are contained in this zip file. You will need unzipping software on your computer, such as WinZip, to unzip the files. A high-speed connection is necessary to download this 180 MB file. MP3s can be played on your computer or MP3 player. Purchase and download MP3s of Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life through PayPal or credit card below.


Also available on Amazon and iTunes:
Purchase audiobook: on Amazon   on iTunes
 “Lucid and powerful, the audiobook Jesus Speaking was experienced as a continuous and seamless message, delivered directly to my heart. I felt as if I were sitting in the presence of the speaker, listening to the entire book in a single session. So direct—universal yet personal. A real gem. Remarkable!”  —J. G.

"The book is a joy and was successful in transmitting Presence.." —J. B.

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Spring Schedule of Events with Nirmala's Teacher, Neelam

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Spring Program of Events with Neelam

Grace Bubeck Skype interview - Freedom in Every Moment
Free Live Satsang & Q/A with Neelam 
Sunday, June 18th|12noon MT

Neelam will join Grace Bubeck in a live skype interview and Q and A open to participats where she will speak about Capacity of the nervous system and it's importance in our ability to Be Here as well as about Inquiery and finding Peace in times of uncertainty.
Register athttp://www.living-from-love.com 

Freedom in Every Moment
Free Open TeleSatsang with Neelam
Sunday, June 25th|10am MT

This call is free and open to everyone -a great way to meet or introduce others to Neelam.

Presence our true nature is already Here. In the process that leads to Awakening our attention moves many times between the recognition of Presence and the contraction into a sense of individual identity.

Awakening is a shift from identifying yourself as this body to knowing yourself as Presence.
Freedom means a true independence from the past -where our action in the moment is not guided by our attention to the arising past.

To truly be Free we need strong discrimination between past and present and to Embody our recognition of Presence and that requires growing of the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here
Register Here

Program Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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