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Space, Love and Awareness Are Fundamental

Written by Nirmala on .

Q:I was watching some of your youtube videos. I see that you say we are space/awareness and then I also see that we are love. I was wondering how are the two connected? Are you saying we are both space and love?

A: We are both space and love. Or to put it another way, awareness, space and love are all fundamental qualities of our Essence. This is similar to how transparency, wetness, and liquidity are all qualities of room temperature water. You cannot separate the wetness from water and have a dry clear liquid. And so you cannot separate love from awareness, or awareness from the empty space of Being. These qualtities are so fundamental to our Being that we often use these words as labels for Being itself, just as we might use the word wetness to refer to water.

Here is an article that comes at this from the perspective of giving love:

And here is a blog post that suggests that everything is love:

I hope this is helpful.

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