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Living from the Heart by Nirmala

For centuries, spiritual teachings have pointed us to the Heart as the source of wisdom, truth, peace, and love. We call it the Heart because these deeper realities are experienced most strongly in the region of the physical heart. However, the spiritual Heart is not limited to a location in your body. The Heart is the totality of your connection with the essential qualities and greater dimensions of your true nature as limitless Being. Any full exploration of the larger truth of your Being must include a discovery of the capacities and qualities of this tender, loving, and wise aspect of your true nature.. The complete book includes:

Part 1: From the Heart: Dropping out of Your Mind and Into Your Being: Offers simple ways to shift into a more open and accepting perspective and to experience your true nature as aware space.
Part 2: The Heart's Wisdom: Explains how the Heart is a wise and accurate guide to the truth. The truth is whatever opens your Heart and quiets your mind. This simple definition cuts through any confusing ideas and beliefs to the direct source of wisdom and guidance available in your own Heart.
Part 3: Love Is for Giving, Not for Getting: Points to the true source of love in your own Heart. It is by giving love that we are filled with love.

If you have enjoyed Eckhart Tolle’s bestselling nondual books, The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, or The Work, developed by Byron Katie, then you will find Living from the Heart especially beneficial. It offers practical tools and meditations for being in the now in everyday life by accessing the wisdom and Presence available in every moment in your Heart.

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Here are some reviews from Amazon.com:

"I just finished reading Living from the Heart. What a wonderful book. The chapters on "Love is For Giving" were mind blowing. "What if it doesn't matter what your awareness touches but only that awareness is flowing" is radically transformative. It means it is all worth loving. It means that peace is right here in every moment. It means that I can be in love all the time by just allowing my awareness to flow to what is before me. I tried the exercises and they were amazing. It is true, deeply moving, just plain old fun and even silly to experience that when I gave love to the cold metallic metro train pole that I could feel in my hands and that was supporting me, I could be filled with a sense of love and incredible gratitude.

Its like I woke up in a new world this morning. Its like a wonderful game where I get to play with giving love to all that is around "me" as it appears before me, even the hardships. I feel like it could change everything from how I will walk to talk to eat. I will do it all with awareness, space, mindfullness, presence and love. I will change not because someone is telling me to do something more "moral" or "correct" but because it is deeply satisfying to surrender into being an instrument of love. Its the ultimate perfect equation where the more you give of love the more you feel of love."


"I've read quite a few books about non-duality and this is one of the clearest ones.

Nirmala manages to balance exploration practices and those are interleaved within more "non-duality talk", which serves to mean a way of phrasing that is experiential in what it tries to "talk around". The practices he offers are "presence practices", meant to bring you to the here-and-now experience of the truth of your being. They are not unlike many other practices offered by non-duality authors. But he is extremely clear in his intention that you don't turn these practices into a practice - mechanical with an end in sight. Nirmala suggests you use these practices as part of an on-going inquiry into the nature of existence.

He does a beautiful job of making his book an extremely personal one, and if the right vibe hits you at the right time, you may well feel some direct transmission and get a feel for what he's talking about. Eventually (or maybe right from the start) you might also understand deeply that this is all that's needed...Highly recommended."

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