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Upcoming Summer Events with Nirmala's Teacher, Neelam

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Freedom in Every Moment -the Power of Okayness in Inquiry 
Two hour experiential TeleSatsang with Neelam
Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 |6pm MT


Okayness is the ground and the symptom of our natural state.

No matter what arises here, what "inner" or "outer" events we experience, everything is OK just the way it is.

It is powerful to use Okayness as a foundation of Inquiry as it reveals our relationship with what is and cuts through the minds interpretations and stories.

Knowing where we are at and what is present in our experience in a moment brings our attention immediately back Here.

It allows us to be present with what actually is and that brings us peace and rest and the end of suffering.

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Spring/Summer Program

Grace Bubeck Skype interview - The power of Inquiry -- how to transform our tendencies into Peace
Free Live Satsang & Q/A with Neelam 
Sunday, June 18th|12noon MT

Neelam will join Grace Bubeck in a live skype interview and Q and A open to participants where she will speak about how the process of Inquiry enables us to address and experience the arising past and brings our attention back to Presence. This opens the door for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.
No Need to Register. View/Get Details athttp://www.living-from-love.com 

Freedom in Every Moment
Free Open TeleSatsang with Neelam
Sunday, June 25th|10am MT

This call is free and open to everyone -a great way to meet or introduce others to Neelam.

Presence our true nature is already Here. In the process that leads to Awakening our attention moves many times between the recognition of Presence and the contraction into a sense of individual identity.

Awakening is a shift from identifying yourself as this body to knowing yourself as Presence.
Freedom means a true independence from the past -where our action in the moment is not guided by our attention to the arising past.

To truly be Free we need strong discrimination between past and present and to Embody our recognition of Presence and that requires growing of the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here
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Freedom in Every Moment: 
Presence, Inquiry, Awakening and Freedom 

6 Week Summer Program with Neelam
Sundays,July 9 - Aug 13 |10am MT

In person teleconference
July 9th
July 16th
July 30th
Aug 13th

Pre-recorded video.
Aug 6th

This program is open to everyone.

Neelam’s Summer Program is a profoundly intimate and direct invitation to Presence, Inquiry, Awakening and Freedom Through the introduction of the Direct Experience of Presence and the Inquiry Process, Neelam will guide us through the understanding and experience of Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom. Neelam will teach us the skills of Inquiry in her unique sensation based way that includes both recognizing Presence as our true nature and fully meeting our conditioning . In this process, we will learn experiencialy how to use the understanding of the nervous system to grow our capacity to Be Here. Beeing Here is so essential to our ability to be Present and meet everything that is arising.

Sitting with Neelam: Neelam, who awakened with her teacher Papa-ji in India, transmits Presence and provides us with the experience and a deeper understanding of the process that leads through Awakening and Embodiment into Freedom. She skillfully shows students how to use Inquiry to investigate the nature of suffering.
Under her tender guidance, we align ourselves with Presence that is always available, but often hidden by the mind’s stories of how life should be. The format Neelam offers includes TeleSatsang (talks based on the truth of being) pre-recorded video and dyad work with partners.

- Awakening – what it is and what leads us to Freedom Knowing Presence through the Direct Experience
- Human body, nervous system and brain and how to grow the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here
- Inquiry skills and understanding the cause of suffering

- To recognize Presence as our True Nature
- To become aware of patterns of the past that stop us from knowing our True Nature at all times
- To learn and strengthen our Inquiry skills
- To recognize the importance of and grow the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here
- To develop a stronger reliance on Presence

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Freedom in Every Moment:
What we really want is to Be Here 

6 Week Summer program with Neelam for Returning Students

Wednesdays & Sundays,July 12- Aug 13th 

This program is for all returning students who have completed a 6 month program or a summer inquiry program.

Wed July 12th 6PM -8PM MT
Wed July 19th 6PM -8PM. MT
Sunday July 23th 10 AM -4PM MT
Sunday July 30th-pre-recorded video
Sunday Aug 6th 10 AM -1PM MT
Sunday Aug 13th-pre-recorded video

In this summer program for returning students the invitation is to strengthen our recognition of Presence and practice together Embodiment and growing of the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here.

The capacity of our nervous system to Be Here is often times the missing link between Direct Experience of Presence/Awakening -which means knowing Presence in moments of silence or in powerful spiritual experiences and even in Awakening- and the Embodiment/ Freedom where Presence becomes functional and available to us in the moment, regardless of what are the current circumstances of our life.

A powerful strengthening and deepening of our capacity to Be Here comes from learning how to fully meet the sensations of our arising experiences just the way they are in the present and from recognizing and addressing some of our past tendencies -the unseen and unmet imprints based on our experiences in the past, where we have believed individually and collectively that Truth Presence and Love are not already Here. I want to invite you all to join me in this program as Freedom is the true purpose of this life and every moment, including our time together is an invitation to Freedom.

Desire for Freedom, willingness and practice.

Growing the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here:
- the key to end suffering in a moment
- the foundation to Freedom by training our attention to identify and be present to the nervous system and the mental /physical and emotional states that arise here.

Learning to discriminate between action that arises from Presence-which comes from and leads to Freedom, and action that arises from our unresolved experiences of the past-which comes from and perpetuates suffering.

Awakening and Embodiment in the area of Relationships:
-how to communicate from Presence.-Honesty and communication.
-how to identify and address our survival strategies which often become the way we relate.

Living in the moment:
- learning to find comfort and rest in the Unknown
- which is really at the core of all experience.
- addressing anxiety and insecurity around work ,money ,survival and other challenging areas or events of life.

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Program Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Awakening and the Power of Inquiry – 3 Hour Satsang

How growing the capacity of the nervous system brings us peace and fulfillment.

Sunday July 173-Hour Experiential TeleSatsang Recording with Neelam

Moment-to-moment in our daily life, we are faced with the opportunity to come into a deeper Embodiment of Presence. Throughout the process that leads to Awakening, in Awakening itself and beyond, it is the capacity of the nervous system that enables us to be truly Present to the arising experience and ultimately, to remain at rest.

Please join Neelam in this lively and informative exploration of Inquiry, Awakening and Embodiment. 

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"Keep Quiet! Don’t stir a thought. Look within. There, you will find your own True Nature, where it has always been!" - Papaji

Sessions with Neelam are an opportunity to deepen     
         your sense of presence in a safe, intimate space.  

Apply for a Session Here
Questions? Feel free to contact us at  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (remove extra spaces) or
visit our website 
For Donations:www.neelam.org/donate


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