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Announcing: New Expanded Free Ebooks Program and Request for Donations

Written by Nirmala on .

For the past 10 years or so, we have been offering free ebooks here on Endless-Satsang.com. It is one of the favorite things we do and so far we have given away 850,000 free ebooks! Now we would like to expand this offering in several ways and so we are asking for your support through a regular monthly donation on Paypal or through a one-time donation to support the following new activities:

1-Promoting and spreading the word about the free ebooks page on Endless-Satsang.com: There are an ever growing number of ways to do this now on the internet ranging from paid advertising on Facebook to paid email promotions on ebook websites like Bookbub.com and Ebookbooster.com. We have done some of this kind of promotion to bring more people to our free ebooks and would like to do even more to reach hundreds of thousands more or possibly even millions more additional readers. This can happen if and when the free ebooks go viral and word spreads on its own, but it helps to prime the pump by putting the word out there in every way possible.

2-Expanding our offerings on the free ebooks page: We currently offer 6 free ebooks on our free spiritual ebooks webpage and would like to increase the number of books we can afford to offer for free. If we reach $500 in pledged monthly support, we will add another 2 free ebooks to our free ebooks page for a total of 8 free ebooks. At that point, all of Nirmala's and several of Gina Lake's books will be available for free so that many more people can benefit from the teachings and perspectives in their books. In general, we have found that one of our free ebooks reaches over 100 times as many readers as one of our books that is offered for sale.

3-Creation and promotion of a completely new website devoted entirely to free spiritual ebooks: We have recently launched a new website at FreeSpiritualEbooks.com that features a wider range of free spiritual ebooks including other authors in addition to Nirmala and Gina. It is our hope that this will reach a wider audience of people who identify as spiritual seekers and who may have not yet encountered non-dual teachings. We have included public domain and free ebooks by authors like Nisargadatta, Papaji, Adyashanti and many more.

4-Distribution of our free ebooks on other websites: We have offered our free ebooks on other websites across the internet including ebookstores like Amazon.com and Apple's iBooks, and also existing websites devoted to free ebooks like Free-Ebooks.net. Additional free ebooks would be added to these other channels to expand the available ways for people to find the free offerings.

5-Translation of more of our free ebooks into other languages: We currently offer several of our free spiritual ebooks in Spanish on this page. We would like to expand these offerings by having more of Nirmala's and Gina's books professionally translated and offered for free in as many languages as possible. This is a time-comsuming and costly process, but hopefully, we can eventually reach people all around the world with more free ebooks in other languages.

All of the above activities require funding and so we are asking for your support in making this expansion of our free ebook offerings possible. There are two ways you can help financially support us. First is by committing to a monthly donation on Paypal to our free ebooks program. Any amount from $1.00 a month and up will go a long way towards helping us reach the goals above. Endless Satsang Foundation is a tax-exempt 501C-3 organization, so donations are tax-deductible. Click on this button to set up a monthly donation on Paypal (Note: On the page that opens, be sure to check the box that says, "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" that is next to the box where you enter the amount of your donation.)



Or you can make a one-time donation to this program using the same button above, but do not check the "Make This Recurring" box.

Donations can also be mailed to:

Endless Satsang Foundation
PO Box 3558
Sedona, AZ, 86336

As a thank you for your support, we are offering the following levels of rewards:

Friends: For committing to a monthly donation of $5.00 or more, you will receive a collection of seven mp3 recordings of satsangs with Nirmala from a retreat in 2007 (usual value of $9.95)

Supporters: For committing to a monthly donation of $25 or more, you will receive the mp3 recordings and a signed paperback copy of one of Nirmala's books, plus a free spiritual mentoring session with Nirmala as described here.

Patrons: For committing to a monthly donation of $50 or more, you will receive the mp3 recordings, signed paperback book, and two free spiritual mentoring sessions with Nirmala.

We also understand that not everyone can offer financial support and so we have created a webpage here with several suggestions of other ways that you can support Endless Satsang Foundation, including several simple and no cost actions you can take that will increase awareness of our free ebooks.

PS: We just received the following message from someone who downloaded one of Nirmala's books for free many years ago: "Thank you so much for the beautiful work you are doing with Gina. I remember back in 2005 when suddenly I remembered a satsang with you in Montreal and it felt like the most important thing in my life. At the time, I could download the whole Nothing Personal book for free, printed it and read if over and over. This ended in me moving to a satsang community for 3 years in Germany, doing 6 retreats in Tiruvannamalai and booking a lot of sessions with you. It transformed my life. So I definitely agree that a free ebook can have a huge impact on one's life. For some reason it was your book that touched me and not the many others from other teachers."

Thank you always for your continuing interest and support. The greatest satisfaction for us is when our words and teachings touch someone deeply. Your interest in and involvement with our work is deeply appreciated and makes all of our efforts worthwhile. Here again are some of our free ebooks currently available (click on the covers to go to a page where you can download each book):


living from the heart


gift w no giver