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Just Released...New Book by Gina Lake: All Grace

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Announcing a New Book by Gina Lake!

AllGraceFrontcoverJust Released: All Grace: New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life by my wife, Gina Lake. Grace is the aspect of God that acts in the world to fulfill Thy will and carry out the divine design. Grace is the mysterious and unseen movement of God upon creation, which is motivated by love and indistinct from love. All Grace was given to Gina Lake by Jesus and represents his wisdom and understanding of life. It is about the magnificent and incomprehensible force behind life, which created life, sustains it, and operates within it as you and me and all of creation. Life is a mystery, but the truth about life is not actually hidden for those who are willing to look beyond the usual assumptions about life. All Grace is full of profound and life-changing truth. This book is one in a series of books by Jesus, which can be read in any order, including A Heroic Life, The Jesus Trilogy, and In the World but Not of It. An audiobook will be available this summer.

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Read more about how Gina channels these books by Jesus here.

Here is an excerpt from All Grace by Gina Lake:

For our purposes, it is not important or necessary to try to describe God in words. It is only important that you understand one thing: God is benevolent. The Designer is benevolent, and the proof is that love is what propels the Designer and shapes creation, and this is what I intend to prove to you.

It is important for you to know this, because deeply realizing this can change your life by shifting your state of consciousness. Knowing that you are loved, cared for, and supported by the Designer and that you have an important place and purpose in the design has the potential for transforming your outlook on life. Knowing this can shift you from the ego’s perspective of separation, fear, lack, and conflict with life to one that allows you to be at peace with life and to fall in love with it and be happy.

This falling in love with life is a return to your divine nature, which is in love with life. As God, you are completely head-over-heels in love with life! I know this because it is my experience and that of those in other dimensions beyond your own. It can be your experience as well—and it is meant to be. The experiences you have had and are having have been orchestrated to bring you to a realization of your true nature and to the love and happiness at your core. (continue reading)

Telling the Truth

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Q: Please define a bit for me what is "telling the Truth"?

A: My definition of truth is whatever opens your heart and quiets your mind. So the biggest definition of "telling the truth" would be speaking that which opens the most hearts the most amount of time. No one is perfect at telling the truth and we usually only come close to hitting such a big target.

Most of the time, it involves speaking the actual facts and specifics of the situation.....but not always. A simple example would be if you were hiding slaves in your basement as part of the underground railroad at the time of slavery in the USA. If a mob showed up at your door and asked, "Have you seen any slaves around here?", the truest answer would be a bald faced lie, "No I haven't, but if I do, I will let you know right away." Anything less would obviously not allow the most hearts to be the most open.

That is an extreme circumstance, and so the truest answer is extreme in its dissembling. Again, most of the time, if someone asks you a question, the answer that will allow the most hearts to be the most open for the most amount of time is the simple truth of the situation. As Sir Walter Scott pointed out, "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"  Most of the time our dissembling is not in service to a higher truth, but is in service to our ego's preferences. This usually just makes a tangled mess of things. But if it is clear that a bigger truth is at stake, then the bigger definition of truth takes precedence.

I hope this helps.

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The Law of Attraction Is Not Written in Stone

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Q: I'm getting such a heavy dose of the Law of Attraction from a friend. It's really wild stuff, and he is so evangelical. I want to be open to anything that might help me, but I had no idea this guy was so crazed with it. He's really looking for disciples. I'm wondering if you have any reflections to share about the whole Law of Attraction thing.

A: The idea of creating your own reality is another case of many levels of truth. It is true on some levels that what we think or choose does affect what happens. But it is much more complex than that as there are several other levels of truth operating at the same time. There is also what Divine Will or Intelligence is choosing or creating in every moment. These different levels all interact and weave in and out.

If someone focuses on the moments where their thoughts do appear to manifest, then they can form a belief that they are in control of their experience. And that belief is true.....it just is not a very big truth. But it does have some truth, and relative to a belief that you are just a victim of random circumstance, it is actually a bigger truth. But relative to a sensing or even believing in a larger and benevolent force called Grace that is unfolding life, the belief in manifesting is simply a small or incomplete view of what is really going on.

Again there are many levels to all of this. One teacher I listened to recently suggested that even when our thoughts create our experience, it can be very tricky. Let's say we want to experience abundance, so we practice thinking lots of positive and manifesting thoughts about creating abundance in our life. But it is possible that our higher self knows that the most direct path for us to experience a true and abiding sense of abundance is for us to lose everything we own. Guess which reality will actually manifest.....the one being manifested by our higher intelligence. It will not look anything like what we wanted to create, but in the end, it will bring about the most profound sense of true abundance we could experience.

This is just one simple example of how the different levels of truth interact and all combine to create each moment's reality. The ideas in the Law of Attraction have focused narrowly on part of how this all unfolds, and just like a broken clock is right twice a day, those ideas sometimes appear to work. In those cases, the divine plan and the ego's plan happened to be in alignment. But life moves on and at some point, the same practices that worked so well will often suddenly stop working altogether. This can be quite a shock to the person who has been riding a wave of successful manifestation.

As you can probably guess, this is why you can encounter people who are so evangelical about something like the Law of Attraction. It is working like magic for them at that time in their evolution, and so of course they are convinced it is the absolute truth, and that everyone just needs to be converted to their beliefs in order to have the same success and results. It is interesting to see how they adapt...or don't adapt....when the Divine has a new plan for their evolution :)

I am going to include here a sneak preview of an excerpt of a new book, All Grace: New Teachings by Jesus on the Truth About Life  by my wife, Gina Lake, that is going to be released next week. In a nice synchronicity, the first chapter of her book directly addresses your question. I hope it is helpful. Here is the excerpt:

In the flow, there is no me to think about itself. The flow happens in the absence of thought or despite any thoughts that might be present, particularly thoughts about me. Since self-reflection is absent or at a minimum, being in the flow feels natural, simple, and problem-free. It is how life can be lived most of the time once you realize one thing: You are not in control of life, and you don’t need to be because your infinite self is! This is another truth about life.

You only think you have more control than you do, and you want control. But wanting something doesn’t equal having it—or needing it. You have less control than you think and more than you need. In other words, you don’t have much control and you don’t need it.

People are under the illusion that they can control things they can’t actually control. For instance, they think they can control how healthy they are by what they do for their bodies. However, your knowledge about the body is so limited that attempts to determine your health are also limited. So much of one’s health is governed by subconscious processes and genes, which are not under your control.

A lack of knowledge is not the only thing that stands in the way of greater control. Perfect knowledge would still not give you control. In addition to there being a higher will and a higher plan at work that trumps you own will, the nature of life is simply too complex to be controlled. (continue reading)

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