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Five New Free Nondual Ebooks Available on Our Free Spiritual Ebooks Website

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We have recently added five new titles to our free nondual ebooks website including titles by Ramana, Robert Wolfe, Deshon Fox and more. You can also still find free ebooks by Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Gangaji, Papaji, Nisargadatta, Alan Watts, Yogananda, Lester Levinson and more here: http://www.freespiritualebooks.com/

This extra website is a labor of love as we enjoy giving away free ebooks and sincerely hope to bring more people to the wisdom of nondual teachings.

We are also open to suggestions and any offers of support for our efforts. If you or someone you know has written a book about nonduality and would like to offer it for free on our website, please contact us. Giving away ebooks is a wonderful and effective way to reach large numbers of people. My wife, Gina Lake, and I have given away over 800,000 free ebooks in the past ten years. Not only is it rewarding to share in this way, but it can also increase sales of other books by the same author. Paulo Coelho has sold over 350 million books worldwide, and one of his main strategies was to upload his own books to torrent sites so that his fans could download them for free if they wanted to.

You can learn more about ways we hope to expand our efforts here, and also find out about rewards we offer to anyone willing to commit to a monthly donation in support of our free ebooks program. Here are some of the free ebooks available on http://www.freespiritualebooks.com/ :

 The Way of Liberation AdyasWordsOfGraceLHfrontcoverSMALLWorkofByronKatie

Autobiography of a Yogi free pdf ebook versionWhatAboutNowRadiancefrontcoverThe Truth is Papaji 188x300

Just Released...New Book by Gina Lake: All Grace

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Announcing a New Book by Gina Lake!

AllGraceFrontcoverJust Released: All Grace: New Teachings from Jesus on the Truth About Life by my wife, Gina Lake. Grace is the aspect of God that acts in the world to fulfill Thy will and carry out the divine design. Grace is the mysterious and unseen movement of God upon creation, which is motivated by love and indistinct from love. All Grace was given to Gina Lake by Jesus and represents his wisdom and understanding of life. It is about the magnificent and incomprehensible force behind life, which created life, sustains it, and operates within it as you and me and all of creation. Life is a mystery, but the truth about life is not actually hidden for those who are willing to look beyond the usual assumptions about life. All Grace is full of profound and life-changing truth. This book is one in a series of books by Jesus, which can be read in any order, including A Heroic Life, The Jesus Trilogy, and In the World but Not of It. An audiobook will be available this summer.

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Read more about how Gina channels these books by Jesus here.

Here is an excerpt from All Grace by Gina Lake:

For our purposes, it is not important or necessary to try to describe God in words. It is only important that you understand one thing: God is benevolent. The Designer is benevolent, and the proof is that love is what propels the Designer and shapes creation, and this is what I intend to prove to you.

It is important for you to know this, because deeply realizing this can change your life by shifting your state of consciousness. Knowing that you are loved, cared for, and supported by the Designer and that you have an important place and purpose in the design has the potential for transforming your outlook on life. Knowing this can shift you from the ego’s perspective of separation, fear, lack, and conflict with life to one that allows you to be at peace with life and to fall in love with it and be happy.

This falling in love with life is a return to your divine nature, which is in love with life. As God, you are completely head-over-heels in love with life! I know this because it is my experience and that of those in other dimensions beyond your own. It can be your experience as well—and it is meant to be. The experiences you have had and are having have been orchestrated to bring you to a realization of your true nature and to the love and happiness at your core. (continue reading)

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nothing personalBefore you leave, be sure to get your free ebook copy of
Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self by Nirmala.

Nothing Personal leads you to the experience of your true nature and helps you explore its depth. Through exposition, questions and dialogues, it brings you to a place of realization of the Truth: you are the spacious Awareness in which everything appears.


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