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Boredom Is Not from Lack of Stimulation

| Nirmala | Practical Pointers

Boredom Is Not from Lack of Stimulation

Published on
26 June 2013
Practical Pointers

Boredom does not come from a lack of stimulation or variety. Boredom is what we experience when we are not paying attention to the now. The divine mystery is always here in this and every moment. If we are giving a lot of attention to what is happening right here and right now, we will never be bored.

This is good news because it is a lot easier to give more attention to the moment as it is, than to try and drum up some excitement or drama.

Try it out. What does this moment really consist of? What sounds, touches, sights, smells, tastes are present right now? What internal experiences are you having? Are there many or few thoughts? Is there an emotional quality to your being, or is it quiet right now in your emotions? Is there any peace, love or joy here right now? Is there even a tiny sliver of peace? The slightest sense of joy? What happens if you pay very close attention to all of this? How is each and every element in your experience right now changing or shifting? If you pay close attention, can you actually catch the instant when a thought or feeling or new sound or sensation appears? Can you catch the exact instant when a thought or feeling or sensation disappears?

When you are paying lots of attention in this way, is it even possible to be bored? Or does the mystery already have everything you need to keep you entertained?