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Another email question:

I've been writing a story lately. It's turning out to be nasty, I mean it's like a soap opera. One character gets murdered! I'm having a whale of a good time, but I've got this nagging doubt in the back of my mind: is it spiritual? I mean, the feeling is more, I wish my characters were more spiritual or had loftier ambitions or something. Or perhaps I would be a better person if I wrote books about spiritual development.

My response:

Sounds like a good story!  This is another chance to check in your own heart to know what is true. There is no formula....and writing a nasty story can be a wonderful way to see more of our inner conditioning and also maybe just enjoy creating something with some good drama in it.  Because you say you are having a whale of a good time, my guess is that it is something that is true for you right now. Does it open your heart and allow you to feel more alive to write? If yes, then go for it!

Do not worry too much about being spiritual as that is a big category: it only includes everything!


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