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First Be Gentle with Yourself

| Nirmala | Practical Pointers

First Be Gentle with Yourself

Published on
26 November 2013
Practical Pointers

Q: Can you tell me how can I finish my journey in life without my most favourite person? What should be my destiny now?

A: The most important thing when you have lost someone or something that you love is to treat yourself with a lot of gentle tenderness and compassion. The pain of loss is real, and you can meet it by being very kind and loving to yourself. This will start the process of healing the pain, and eventually allow you to move forward to find and meet your destiny. But first things first, and first of all you need to be gentle and easy on yourself while the healing happens.

Once you have discovered that the ability to love yourself is still available to you, then you might discover that it is still possible to love others and the world in general. It is even possible to still experience fully the love you have for  the person you have lost. You can give love to someone even when they are not present physically, and in giving them lots of love, you will be filled with love also.

There is an article here on this website about how we are filled with loved when we give love to others here:

Love Is For Giving

And there are two earlier blog posts that explore how we can give love even when another person is not present or loving us in return:

I hope this is helpful, and please know that you are always held in the deepest embrace of divine essence. All of the love you could ever wish for is here inside your own loving heart.