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“The beauty of this collection of Nirmala’s talks and dialogues is that it covers much of the spectrum of spiritual awakening, from the initial experience of one’s true nature to the practical challenges, which always call for a deeper seeing and deeper understanding of how spirit manifests as all of life and beyond. Within these talks and dialogues you, the reader, will find Nirmala to be a living invitation to look within. Nirmala welcomes whatever arises within the field of experience. In the midst of this welcoming is always an invitation to inquire deeply within, to the core of who and what you are.”

-from the Foreword by Adyashanti, spiritual teacher and author of Emptiness Dancing, to Nirmala's book, Nothing Personal.


Arzani Burman “I have had the pleasure of sitting in Satsangs with Nirmala, as well as reading his books, and find that there is a feeling of total acceptance that permeates his being, and is equally felt through his writings. I hope I am not exposing a secret when I say that although there are many approaches in spiritual literature that direct us to move from the head to the heart, I find in Nirmala's book, Living from the Heart, a quality that I can only describe as disarming. The following quotations may give an idea of what I mean. In Part 2, ‘The Heart's Wisdom,’ he says: ‘The opening and closing of the heart is not a prescription—something you need to practice—but simply a description of what your heart has been doing your entire life.’ Such a phrase leaves nothing for the ego to resist, and adds spaciousness to the process of inquiry. And just when the ego feels it might have material to come back into prominence as it strives to succeed in the process, Nirmala says, ‘There is never a need to have a bigger or smaller experience, as Being is still Being, even in the small experiences…just as a single drop of water is still wet.’ ‘One more try,’ the ego says, and then it reads: ‘Being is never harmed by the limited perspectives we experience…Being is already resting within the endless opening and closing of the heart, so you might as well enjoy the ride.’ And it is then that the ego realizes that it is, and always has been, included in the ‘ride’ and it finally rests. I am very grateful for Nirmala's teachings, and I highly recommend his book to those who are ready to stop the struggle and rest in Being.”

From a review by Arzani Burman, author of The Legacy of Violetta Rose, of Nirmala's book, Living from the Heart.