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Purchase a collection of mp3s of satsang with Nirmala here.

You can also listen to talks by Nirmala on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0S4jQ6otWz8IYfHeNZ7xV4-2--8aLpUI

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Twenty online satsangs with Nirmala from 2017 were recorded and are available in reverse chronological order here: http://awakening-together.org/interact/weekly-satsang-with-nirmala/

90-minute satsang interview with Regina Dawn Ackers of Awakening-Together.org:
Experiencing Oneness (17 minutes)
Invitation to Rest (8 minutes)
Life as a Sitcom (12 minutes)
What Do You Really Want (27 minutes)
Recording of Satsang with Nirmala in Malaga, Spain (English with translation into Spanish) March 19, 2009 (102 minutes)