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Freedom by Gina Lake

Written by Gina Lake on .

Here is a guest post from my wife, Gina Lake's blog where she posts frequent messages about living in the now. You can read much more on her website/blog at www.radicalhappiness.com

Even those who have little freedom physically, perhaps because of incarceration or health limitations, have a kind of freedom that can never be taken away. In fact, this kind of freedom is often discovered in instances of extreme physical limitation. When you are prohibited from living your life as you would like to, you discover that which is within you that is forever and always free-consciousness.

Your consciousness has never been bound by a body or by anything. Your consciousness--or Consciousness, which is what you really are--is only temporarily identified with your particular body-mind. This body-mind and the life it is leading is not particularly important to Consciousness. After all, Consciousness (Oneness) has manifested in every possible form and non-form for its own exploration and pleasure. How your particular form looks, what state it is in, and how your life is going is not an issue for Consciousness. It created it all and loves it all, just as it is. It intends to have exactly the experience you are having within your body-mind.

The beautiful thing about this is that this is not simply theoretical, but the joy that Consciousness is experiencing through you can be experienced by you, no matter what your circumstances are. If you are not experiencing it, that is only because you are not paying attention to it but, instead, to the complaints and discontentment of the egoic mind, which tries to define your life and your experience for you. Consciousness defines all experience as good and worthwhile. That is its truth, and it can be yours, not just in theory but in experience...

You have the freedom to choose what you give your attention to and what you believe about you, your situation, others, and life. This is a tremendous responsibility, as it determines to a great extent what your experience of life will be. But that is what you are here to learn. No matter what your circumstances are, you have the freedom to accept them, which simply means to not argue with reality, but allow yourself to have the experience you are having-because you are!

Arguing with life is what the ego does, and this creates inner stress and unhappiness, which is so unnecessary. You don't have to like your circumstances to accept them, and accepting them doesn't mean they will remain the same; you only have to be willing to have the experience you are having-just as Consciousness is willing to. When you align yourself with the view of life that Consciousness has, you feel its joy and love for life, and that is all you ever need to be happy.

Freedom is truly a state of mind-or, rather, a state of no mind, or ignoring the mind's complaints about life. You are already free and always have been. You have been given this great gift of choice-the freedom to choose how you will see and respond to life. As a result, everyone eventually learns to see life through the eyes of the true Self, and learns to ignore the false self's version of things, which is the source of all suffering. Happiness is under your control more than you realize. You have more power than you think-you have the power to not think and to experience the gift that this life is.

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