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Just Released: Nirmala's New Book: Everything Is Included
New book by Nirmala: Everything Is IncludedEverything Is Included: Essays About Truth, Love and Awareness is Nirmala's newest book. Here is a description:

Oneness is not only a profound and personally life-changing experience, but a perspective that can transform the world by bringing more love, light, compassion, and truth to the world. Oneness connects us all. We are all affecting each other in every moment, and recognizing this to whatever degree we can is transformative. Everything is included in this oneness, which all spiritual teachers and enlightened leaders point to. In embracing everything with an attitude of its essential worth and value, we can go beyond the illusions of separation to a simple resting in the beauty and mystery of all of reality. This book is a collection of articles and essays, which continually point to this oneness and the all-inclusiveness of life. In it, you will find responses to many common questions posed by seekers, which will help you in your search for greater peace, love, and understanding.

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Gina Also Has a New Book, In the World but Not of It:

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For the last few years, my wife, Gina Lake, has been receiving a series of books dictated by Jesus. Her most recent book, In the World but Not of It has just been released. You can read the Introduction below, and she also recently shared on her website the process by which she came to write these books:

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Introduction to In the World but Not of It - the Introduction from Gina's newest book (a bit long but worthwhile):

I, the one you have known as Jesus the Christ, am writing this, another book, through this scribe, Gina Lake, to assist you in living the teachings I gave so long ago. These teachings have nothing to do with religion, rules, or commandments, but with transcending the need for such things and, instead, living from the wellspring of your being, which knows how to move in this world in perfect grace, peace, and love.

This wellspring is what I will call Christ Consciousness, although there are many names for it in various spiritual traditions. It is called Buddha nature in Buddhism, Atman in Hinduism, and the Self in Advaita Vedanta. In spiritual circles, it is called Presence, Essence, Stillness, true self, or simply Consciousness, to name but a few of the terms.

“Christ Consciousness,” as I am using it, points to the divinity within everyone and the potential for that divinity to become a living reality, to become what lives you. I was an example of that possibility in my lifetime two thousand years ago. “I and my Father are one” expresses this.

This is an advanced teaching and not for everyone. Some still require the rules and commandments to keep the ego in check. They need an external authority to guide their behavior. This was especially true two thousand years ago, when humanity was still in its infancy and less evolved than it is today.

But now, many are ready for the Christ within to come forward and manifest in the world more fully. The birthing of this Christ—of Christ Consciousness—is the true second coming. You are to be witnesses to this birth within yourself and others. This is an important and special time on earth.

Christ Consciousness is within everyone, whether they recognize me as a master or not and whether they recognize that potential within themselves or not. What I came to teach in that incarnation so long ago was this: The consciousness that is within me is also within you. You are the son as equally as I am. You are the “I am” I spoke of. You and I are one. You and everyone else are one.

There is only one consciousness with infinitely many unique manifestations. Each is an expression of love from that which gave birth to them, whether you call that God/Goddess, the Father/Mother, Oneness, the Divine, Allah, Spirit, Source, the Formless, the Tao, the Great Spirit, the Nameless, or the Unmanifest. There are many names for what is behind all life and which cannot be understood by the mind or expressed in words.

By imagining this mysterious force of creation as an individual—as a god or a Father—it is made manageable for the mind. But any concept of God cannot begin to touch the reality of God, which can only be experienced, never understood.

When you are experiencing God, to the extent that is possible as a human being, you are experiencing Christ Consciousness. God lives within you, and you experience that as a particular state of consciousness, a state of being. Although often obscured, this “state” is not a passing state, like other states of consciousness, but always present and available. Although Christ Consciousness may seem to be an experience or a state of consciousness, it is actually what is conscious. It is the experience of Christ alive in you, as you.

Two thousand years ago, I came to show you how to be peace and love and ultimately to bring those to this world. I taught by example and through other means what it is like to live in Christ Consciousness. My message was misunderstood by many then and distorted by many others since then. But today, people are more ready for this message and more able to understand it and embody it than ever before.

So in this book, I will speak to you using today’s language and terms, and I will build upon what others have taught since, for the truth that I taught has been taught by many others throughout history and is being taught today by many more than ever before.

The truth I am speaking of is the truth about who you are—about your human and divine nature, for you are equally both. You are as divine as you perceive me to be. And, for now, you are also human. You walk with one foot in the world of form and another in the Formless. You are a bridge between the two. This mysterious duality within your being is what this book is about.

I want to speak with you intimately about this, as a brother, as a friend, as one who has lived this duality. And, yes, I will speak as a teacher too, but not as someone who is above you, not as someone who is more godlike than you, but someone who is no different than you.

This is blasphemy to some, but only to those who do not understand the truth hidden in your scriptures. It was not my intention to be made into a god. That was not why I came, and I did not make myself into a god. I came to show you the beauty of your own soul and what is possible as a human. I came to show you that it is possible to be both human and divine, to be love incarnate.

Many worship me, for they see me as the embodiment of love, but that love is equally in you. What I have come to teach now is that you can embody love, as I did. You can become Christ within this human life and learn to embody all that is good within you.

This is no small task, but many of you are up to it and want this more than anything else. To reunite with your divine self, such a drive and longing are essential. Although this Homecoming is everyone’s destiny, the journey is long and arduous, and for such journeys a trusted guide is useful and often necessary.

This book is but one external guide. The truest guide rests in your Heart, and any true outer guide knows this and points you to that. My task is to point you to your own inner wisdom, to the Christ within, which is trustworthy, patient, generous, courageous, loving, and compassionate.

Every good quality is already yours as part of your divine inheritance. And yet, something else is here as well that veils your innate goodness and causes suffering. We will examine this aspect of your humanity—the ego—so that you can more easily overcome this obstacle to realizing your divinity.

Religion often paints worldly life as something to be transcended or endured before returning to heaven. But if the kingdom of heaven is within, as I taught, then returning to heaven means returning to Christ Consciousness, which has been temporarily lost or hidden by the human condition, more specifically, by the ego and associated conditioning. This return to heaven happens while in the body—while in the world—not after leaving the body.

Embodiment refers to the possibility of embodying the divine self within the human form, of embodying the Formless while in form, of being in the world but not of it. It offers the possibility of enjoying heaven on earth and being in joy in this life. It is each and everyone’s destiny to find joy in this physical existence.

Being human is not essentially problematic. It is a gift to be human, to be able to have experiences as a sentient being on this plane of existence. It is an adventure your soul, and God through you, has willingly embarked upon. And like all good adventures, this one has a very big challenge to overcome, and that is the ego. It was designed to be a stumbling block to reclaiming heaven and the love, peace, and happiness that is your divine inheritance. It is also part of a perfect plan to bring you Home.

The ego is what makes life the drama and adventure that it is. The ego is the source of human suffering and the only thing veiling your divine nature. This suffering, however, is also what awakens you from the ego’s nightmare. The heroic journey, as I have written about elsewhere, in A Heroic Life, is the vanquishing of the ego, or putting it in its rightful place, and the clearing away of the obscurations to Christ Consciousness. Once these are cleared to some extent, the light of the divine self can shine through. So let us begin by examining the nature of the obscurations, or clouds, that block the light of divine Consciousness.

Jesus, as dictated to Gina Lake, January, 2016

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