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Someone wrote me the following inquiry:

Nirmalaji, please clarify the following:

1-Difference between "Self Realization" and "God Realization"
2-Is Self Realization a precendent to God Realization?
3-Difference between "Facts" and "Truth"

And here is my response:

I find the most useful "definition" of such terms is an experiential one. The truth is whatever opens your heart, and expands your sense of your own being. Simple facts may or may not serve this purpose. There is a free download of part two of my book, Living from the Heart, that explores this experiential approach to truth more fully here.

And again focusing on the experience instead of just a concept, I would ask you, What are you realizing right now? Everything is God and everything is your Self.  So in a sense every experience is an experience of realization of something about God and Self. The main question is will you accept and embrace the realization that you are having right now. When we give our attention completely to the truth that is being revealed in each moment, then the realization of the biggest truths takes care of itself.


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