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Inner vs. Outer Guidance

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Inner vs. Outer Guidance

Published on
30 October 2008

Q: Can I trust my inner sense of fullness to guide me more than outer signs and coincidences?

A: You can trust that inner fullness much more than any external signs. The challenge is to trust that inner fullness even when it seems to not be there. When you feel empty or contracted, that is also your inner guidance operating. Like the kid's game, where someone tells you you’re getting warmer or colder in pointing you in a certain direction, so you need the moments of feeling dry and contracted to let you know you are “getting colder.”

However, the really wonderful thing about listening inside is not that it gets you somewhere—to the right place or to where you want to go—but rather that it brings you to the fullness of your Being that is already here right now. It turns out that it doesn’t matter that much what happens in life or whether you make the right or wrong choice. What matters are the rich, endless mysteries to be found in the awareness that notices what happens. The value in paying attention to an inner sense of fullness is not where it leads you, but simply what it shows you about yourself right now. You are a limitless source of everything that really matters: peace, joy, and love. All this is available right now and in every moment, even if you end up taking the wrong bus to nowhere!

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