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Listening and Being Present

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Here is an mp3 of a portion of a satsang talk given by Nirmala at a retreat in Sedona: (click on title to start playback)

There are more mp3s you can listen to for free here. You can also purchase a download of mp3s of all seven satsangs from this retreat for just $29.95 here:

Mp3 Collection of Seven Satsangs from a retreat in Sedona, Arizona
Over five hours of satsang with Nirmala from a retreat held in Sedona in October 2007, available as a download. Please note: Must be played on a computer, or an Mp3 player. The download is a zip file of 300 MB containing seven Mp3s of satsang. Download times will depend on your internet connection, and a high speed connection is necessary.

1-What is Real
2-A Fairytale About the Truth
3-Contraction and Suffering
4-Listening and Being Present
5-What Do You Really Want?
6-Not Doing, Allowing
7-What Is

Available as a download for $29.95.