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Listening and Being Present

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Here is an mp3 of a portion of a satsang talk given by Nirmala at a retreat in Sedona: (click on title to start playback)

There are more mp3s you can listen to for free here. You can also purchase a download of mp3s of all seven satsangs from this retreat for just $29.95 here:

Mp3 Collection of Seven Satsangs from a retreat in Sedona, Arizona
Over five hours of satsang with Nirmala from a retreat held in Sedona in October 2007, available as a download. Please note: Must be played on a computer, or an Mp3 player. The download is a zip file of 300 MB containing seven Mp3s of satsang. Download times will depend on your internet connection, and a high speed connection is necessary.

1-What is Real
2-A Fairytale About the Truth
3-Contraction and Suffering
4-Listening and Being Present
5-What Do You Really Want?
6-Not Doing, Allowing
7-What Is

Available as a download for $29.95.

The Endless Satsang advaita blog by Nirmala is a place for occasional musings and also answers to questions via the contact form on here.
Please feel free to contact him with any questions you may have for this nonduality blog.