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New Book by Gina: What Jesus Wants You to Know Today

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My wife, Gina Lake, just released a new channeled book from Jesus: What Jesus Wants You to Know Today: About Himself Christianity, God, the World, and Being Human

New Book by Gina Lake Jesus exists and has always existed to serve humanity, and one way he is doing this today is through this channel, Gina Lake, and others. In What Jesus Wants You to Know Today, Jesus answers many questions about his life and teachings and shares his perspective on the world. He brings his message of love, once again, to the world and corrects the record by detailing the ways that Christianity has distorted his teachings. He wants you to know that you, too, have the potential to be a Christ, to be enlightened as he was, and he explains how this is possible.

“Knowing the truth is the beginning of changing the world. Too many were and still are living according to false beliefs instead of the truth. I came to earth to try to change that, to be a voice in a vast desert of misunderstandings, and I continue to be a voice for truth to the extent that I can from this dimension. I never really left you. I have never ceased being in service to humanity and your beautiful planet.” –Jesus


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