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New Free Healing and Prayer Circle Every Saturday

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New Free Healing and Prayer Circle Every Saturday

Published on
26 April 2023

We have added another weekly gathering for a FREE Healing and Prayer Circle that includes a Christ Consciousness Transmission every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific time.

Our intention in holding a healing and prayer circle on Zoom each week is to take advantage of the community of people that has developed around the channeled teachings and transmissions from Jesus to harness this power on behalf of yourself and those in the community and outside who need healing or help on any level. Our prayers have the power to summon spiritual forces and counteract subconscious forces. That power is multiplied significantly when a number of people gather together. Prayer connects us on a soul level with those we pray for and works from that level. Furthermore, praying for others has a positive effect on you, not just on those you pray for. When you pray for others, your prayers are also answered.

The Format: On Saturdays at 1 pm Pacific time, you are invited to bring a brief but specific statement of what you want healing for or help with. It can be for anything: physical emotional, spiritual, or material for yourself or for others. After the meeting begins (or just before), you will post your prayers, intentions or requests for help on the chat. Putting your prayer requests on the chat is like putting them in a portal or mailbox for Jesus and the other Ascended Masters. Be assured that they have then received those prayer requests. Then, you will hold those requests in your mind and Heart during the Christ Consciousness Transmission. During the transmission, hold your hand on your Heart and imagine that you are breathing through your Heart. A relaxed, focused meditative state is ideal. The Christ Consciousness transmission is similar to what we do throughout the week but more specifically dedicated to healing. After the transmission, you may be unusually tired or thirsty, so be sure to rest sufficiently and attend to what your body needs as part of the healing process, as significant changes can be occurring.

Here is the Zoom link to join us on Saturdays at 1 pm Pacific time:

Here are several suggestions for making your prayers more powerful:

•    Be clear in stating your intention for healing or help. However, the specific words you use in your prayer are not as important as the strength of your intention. That is what the beings guiding you respond to.

•    Open the door on your end. Higher dimensional forces are always available to us, but we have to open the door on our end by showing them that we are ready and willing to receive help from them in specific areas: “Ask and you shall receive.” Pray daily.

•    Imagine that you are not praying alone but with Ascended Masters, mystics, and angels. This magnifies your prayers and invites those unconditionally loving beings to support you in what you are asking for.

•    Drop out of your mind and into your spiritual Heart when you pray. Quiet your mind first by meditating and taking some deep breaths. Imagine breathing in and out through your Heart. Imagine the love you feel for a child or a pet and allow yourself to feel the deep love that you have for them. As you breathe in and out, feel this love grow and brighten.

•    Be specific in your prayers and see what you are requesting as already having been accomplished. Envision the positive result you are praying for and immerse yourself in the felt sense of what having that fulfilled is like.

•    Don’t worry; pray instead. When someone you care about is going through a hard time, instead of worrying about them, pray and send them love, and then drop your thoughts about them. Give the situation to God. This will benefit both of you.

In this brief message from Jesus on Youtube, he explains the power of prayer and praying with a group:

Hope to see you soon on Zoom!

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