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New Nondual Book by Nirmala

Written by Nirmala on .

NEWEverything3D Explore the connected oneness of everything, including YOU!

Everything Is Included

 Essays About Truth, Love, and Awareness

In these wide ranging essays, you will learn:

•    How to know directly how true something is for you
•    How to give love even when you don't like someone
•    Tips for the practice of Self-Inquiry
•    The simple truth about suffering and how to heal it
•    How to move into Presence and stay there
•    How to overcome bad habits and addictions
•    The inherent richness of emptiness and space

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Note from the author: This book is a collection of articles and essays. They cover many different topics that have come up often in the almost twenty years that,as a spiritual teacher and mentor, I have been sharing perspectives about our spiritual nature. Many of the essays have already appeared on my blog at endless-satsang.com/blog.htm, but I have collected them here for those who prefer to read a book instead of a blog. I have also included a few essays from my earlier books when it seemed appropriate, in addition to two appendices,"The Heart's Wisdom" and "Love Is for Giving," which are excerpts from my book Living from the Heart. These appendices contain perspectives that I have been sharing for years, and I recommend that anyone who is not already familiar with these earlier writings visit or revisit them to provide a foundation for what is shared in these pages.

 92 Reviews on Amazon averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars! Here are some recent reviews:

"I could read Nirmala's wisdom for another hundred books! Keep them coming. I love his style of questioning our deepest assumptions about life, love and the "negative" crap that happens to all of us. When i'm not feeling good about myself or my life, I pick up one of his books and shut out the world for a while. It works every time."

"My wife and I love this book! Nirmala explains and resolves seemingly conflicting positions, beliefs and experiences. He comes from a platform that everything is truth, just larger or smaller truths. This book has opened our hearts and awareness to even more compassion and understanding. We laughed, we cried, we found unexplored avenues into stillness and satisfaction."

"Inspiring and filled with wisdom...this one I'll read again and again. This book sparked insights, and I appreciate Nirmala for offering it"