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No One Has Ever Spoken the Whole Truth

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No One Has Ever Spoken the Whole Truth

Published on
01 February 2011

Q: I read confusing and contradictory teachings about our true nature and what complete realization is like, and yet sometimes I can just follow the simplicity of choosing to allow and letting love be my guide.

A: Before enlightenment and after, everything is complete and also always becoming. That is just the nature of consciousness. The different levels of our being all exist, but they are not all as real as the level of our true nature. A single drop of water is still wet, but it isn’t as wet as the ocean. All the levels exist as a way for oneness to experience itself a little at a time, which isn’t better or worse than an experience of the totality, but it does provide a variety of different experiences. In fact, there is no experience of the totality, as at that level, there is nothing separate to experience itself. So the totality needs all of the levels and illusions to have any experience at all!

The teaching of every teacher is still partial and often so is their understanding. It’s possible to move beyond normal perception, but when someone comes back into the body to speak about that experience, the description of it is somewhat diluted and distorted by putting it into words.

My suggestion is to hold everyone’s teachings lightly, including mine and your own thoughts and conclusions. You don’t need to reject them or ignore them, as they all do have a piece of the puzzle. But no one has ever spoken the whole truth, and I would suggest no one has ever really had a grasp of the whole truth. So their words always include some limited understanding.

It’s okay that you don’t have a hold of the whole truth, because the whole truth has a hold of you! Your own experience, including the love you are cultivating and allowing, is your truest teacher. This mystery of existence is revealing itself to you in every moment and is choosing to do so in a unique and exquisite way. Every person’s discovery of their true nature is different and unique by design. Why repeat any experience when there are so many ways to reveal the infinite truth?

This true teacher inside you speaks through your Heart in the language of love. You are right that the mind can, in a sense, choose to allow and choose to love. When it does, a bigger love moves more fully through you. So the mind chooses, but it is the Heart, or true nature, that actually loves. This is putting the mind in service to the Heart instead of having the mind be in charge all the time. The mind is like a private that thinks it is a general. So I invite you to explore all the complex and contradictory teachings and understandings and then to return to the simplicity of your own Heart. Why leave either one out?


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