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Love Is For Giving

Written by Nirmala on .

Video of satsang with Advaita spiritual teacher, Nirmala, in three parts (25 minutes total)



This satsang video explores the true nature of love. Love is both simpler and more mysterious and subtle than we have imagined it to be. Love is very simply the spacious, open attention of our awareness. Awareness itself is the gentlest, kindest, and most intimate force in the world. It touches things without impinging on them. It holds all of our experience but doesn't hold it down or hold it back. And yet, inherent in awareness is a pull to connect and even merge with the object of our awareness. Read an article also called "Love is for Giving."

There are several more satsang videos to watch and free spiritual ebooks and spiritual poetry to read. You will discover the sweet richness that is revealed when you give the essential truth of your Being your undivided attention.

About Nirmala: After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he has been offering satsang (gatherings for the truth) and Nondual Spiritual Mentoring since 1998. He offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to this rich tradition of inquiry into our true nature. He is the author of several nondual books, including several free ebooks. Nirmala points to the natural wisdom within each of us and fosters each individual’s own exploration of their full potential for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, Gina Lake, and their two dogs, Rafi and Rumi. 

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