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The Role of Therapy in Nondual Teachings

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Q: What about the horizontal line of one's life and in my case the impact which trauma has had in relation to the here and now. I know this is my so-called story and not ME, my true self. But what is the place of therapy in the context of advaita teachings?

A: Thanks for your question. It is a good question, and one that many people have. I would suggest that there are different levels of truth that are all true simultaneously. The biggest truth is the truth of oneness or nonduality, but within that biggest truth, the smaller truths of our personality and the benefits of psychotherapy are still true, and psychotherapy can still function to relieve the effects of truama on the body/mind/personality. I dive into this idea of different levels of truth in this blog post, which also links to other blog posts about this idea: https://endless-satsang.com/your-minimum-daily-requirement-of-contradictions.htm

One thing I would add is that these different levels of truth are not really contradictory, but rather complimentary. In particular, for someone who is drawn to the bigger spiritual truths of nonduality, it can be especially helpful to find a therapist who has some grounding in spirituality. The perspective of oneness and nonduality can be supportive of the process of therapy, and can make it much more effective.

In addition, you might consider including a metaphysical perspective on your experience such as the one shared by Michael Newton in his books about hypnotic regression used to explore past lives and even the time between lives. Again, the metaphysical view of our journey as an individual soul does not really contradict the idea that we are all one, but rather complements it. The more different perspectives you can bring to your experiences of trauma, the more healing will be possible. Here is a link to Michael Newton's books on Amazon: Michael Newton's books

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Is Consciousness One or Many?

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I got a question in an email today:

Q: Can Consciousness be called by names like Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness etc.? Is it correct to make such distinctions?

A: Ultimately, all there is is one consciousness. But it is also possible to make distinctions within the one consciousness of different expressions and dimensions of that one thing.

It is similar to how all light is electromagnetic radiation, but at different wavelengths, you can have blue light, red light, infrared, ultraviolet and even x-rays and microwaves. They are all the same thing (light) and yet also different in their expression or flavor.

And just as you can get very specific and make a distinction between say a pure blue and a slightly more green blue, or between all of the millions of different colors, we can also make distinctions between say your consciousness and Nirmala consciousness. They are not separate or even ultimately different, but there is still a unique "color" or flavor in every individual expression of consciousness

Or we can distinguish larger categories of light, such as "visible light" that contains all of the colors we can see. Similarly, we can refer to Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, God Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness. These are very large categories of consciousness indeed!

PS: You might enjoy this piece I wrote about our Christ Consciousness transmissions: https://endless-satsang.com/what-christ-consciousness-transmission-is-and-is-not.htm

I hope this answers your question, and if not, please feel free to write back for more clarification.


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