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Passion for the Truth

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Someone else wrote the following:

What to do about this impatience to wake up now. Everytime there is a sense that all is just happening, all just is... there is this ownership that immediately overlays it and this intellectualizing starts. " Oh now I get it. Its blah blah blah blah blah" There is still a residual hope/thought that I will get enlightened and enjoy the wonderful experience. What to do? (I'm guessing nothing, just be with the noticing of the alive presence that is there, and wait for grace... OK....I'm not supposed to wait for something to happen... its already what it is).

And here is my response:

I would simply suggest that you apply all the energy of your impatience and hope and passion to awaken to the experience you are having right now. If the mind is jumping in and taking ownership, then give this passionate curiosity to the experience of the mind. How do you know what you are thinking? What is thought really? When we "own" an understanding that arises, what is that like? Can you really "own" a thought, or do they all dissolve--even the most enlightened thoughts?

When you are just being with the experience, then notice what that is like. How do you know that you are just being with something? What is the quality of that dimension of experience? How does it compare to the moments when you are efforting or hoping? And what about the moments when you are efforting to just be?

There are no right answers to any of these questions, and in fact your experience of them will naturally be different every time you ask them. You may not be able to do anything to satisfy your passion to awaken, but you can still express all of that passion to awaken in this exploration of your moment to moment experience. The point isn't where the exploration takes you, but the joy of the exploration itself. All of the joy and wonder and beauty of your true nature is right here in your impatience and passion and frustration. What a great place to "hide" it!

We can never mentally capture or own our true nature, but we can freely express it when it moves so strongly within us as a deep love for the Truth.


Experiential Truth

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Someone wrote me the following inquiry:

Nirmalaji, please clarify the following:

1-Difference between "Self Realization" and "God Realization"
2-Is Self Realization a precendent to God Realization?
3-Difference between "Facts" and "Truth"

And here is my response:

I find the most useful "definition" of such terms is an experiential one. The truth is whatever opens your heart, and expands your sense of your own being. Simple facts may or may not serve this purpose. There is a free download of part two of my book, Living from the Heart, that explores this experiential approach to truth more fully here.

And again focusing on the experience instead of just a concept, I would ask you, What are you realizing right now? Everything is God and everything is your Self.  So in a sense every experience is an experience of realization of something about God and Self. The main question is will you accept and embrace the realization that you are having right now. When we give our attention completely to the truth that is being revealed in each moment, then the realization of the biggest truths takes care of itself.


Choosing in a Predetermined World

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Please feel free to contact me with email questions or comments that I will address in this blog.

Someone emailed me with the following question:

The greatest love, peace and joy I've experienced in life came from believing every day life had been predetermined before I was born. In other words I had no power to change anything. I was simply watching life unfold moment by moment. Life was wonderful...This was years ago....Now that I'm in control I'm very lost.....What does your heart say about this.....

And here is my response:

I would suggest that both perspectives are true, but the perspective of everything being predetermined is the bigger truth. Although I tend to think of it not as predetermined, but rather determined by the infinite intelligence of Being, which appears predetermined from our limited perspective.

And in that limited perspective of our everyday life, it appears true that we are in control or at least choosing what we do. Within the realm of our daily life, it is even important to choose and learn, grow and evolve the very best we can. We must act as if our choices matter, because at this level they do matter.

Yet at the same time, this much larger intelligence is unfolding life perfectly according to a divine plan that we can sense or intuit, but can't really comprehend. Again, the bigger truth is this divine intelligence that breathes our body, grows the trees, arranges the stars and galaxies and brings us to the exact experiences we are meant to be having right now.

So both are true. We must make choices and yet it is all just happening according to the plan. Or you could say that our choices are also part of the divine plan.

There is another dimension to all of this, and that is the potential to simply choose what is already so. When we do this, the two dimensions meet. We surrender our power to choose to the bigger truth of the limitless intelligence of Being. In a sense, all spiritual practices are a form of choosing what already is, whether it is a form of meditation such as just following the breath, inquiring into who you really are, or awareness practices that bring attention to the present moment experience. In every case, there is an invitation to surrender the effort to change what is and simply sense or inquire into what is already so.

This place where choice meets the deeper truth is a very ripe or fertile ground for an infusion of insight and understanding into our awareness. It is not that the spiritual practice makes anything happen, but it does put you in the most likely place for something profound to happen, including something as simple as noticing how beautiful and mysterious the moment to moment unfolding of life really is.

You may also find the article entitled What to Do When There Is No Doer on this website helpful as it addresses this question also.