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What About the Awakeness That Is Here Now

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Another person emailed to say how much they want to awaken, and I wrote back:

If you truly want to wake up, then I invite you to get very curious about the awakeness that is here right now. Are you aware of anything at all in this moment? What is that awareness like? Just as a single drop of water is wet, the awareness that is reading these words has all of the qualities of your ultimate true nature as pure awareness. Does the part of you that is already awake need to wake up or is it already profoundly and mysteriously aware? Just for a moment, instead of seeking more awareness, find out more about the awareness that is already here.

The awareness that is here in this moment is alive, spacious, discriminating and full of love. Everything that really matters is found in this awareness. Love, peace and joy flow from within us out to the experiences we have of the world. Seeking the source of peace or love in the world is like looking for the source of the water in the puddle that forms under a water faucet. Not only is the source here within us, but it is flowing right now as the simple awareness that is reading these words.


Listening and Being Present

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Here is an mp3 of a portion of a satsang talk given by Nirmala at a retreat in Sedona: (click on title to start playback)

There are more mp3s you can listen to for free here. You can also purchase a download of mp3s of all seven satsangs from this retreat for just $29.95 here:

Mp3 Collection of Seven Satsangs from a retreat in Sedona, Arizona
Over five hours of satsang with Nirmala from a retreat held in Sedona in October 2007, available as a download. Please note: Must be played on a computer, or an Mp3 player. The download is a zip file of 300 MB containing seven Mp3s of satsang. Download times will depend on your internet connection, and a high speed connection is necessary.

1-What is Real
2-A Fairytale About the Truth
3-Contraction and Suffering
4-Listening and Being Present
5-What Do You Really Want?
6-Not Doing, Allowing
7-What Is

Available as a download for $29.95.

What Are You Bringing into the Now? by Gina Lake

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Here is another guest post from my wife, Gina Lake's, blog. Gina's blog is located on the home page of her website at www.radicalhappiness.com, which is dedicated to spiritual awakening and living in the Now. It provides tools for moving out of the ego and into the Now, where true happiness--radical happiness--lies. This is an excerpt from her book Embracing the Now: Finding Peace and Happiness in What Is, available on Amazon.com.

The only thing that exists is the present moment, the Now, but we, as human beings, have a particular relationship with our thoughts that takes us out of the experience of the moment. Thoughts create an alternate reality, a subplot to the Now. We get lost in that pretend subplot and don’t notice other things about the moment. When we bring that alternate reality into the moment, our experience of the Now changes. It colors the Now. We are no longer experiencing the moment purely, but through the lens of the ego, which generates our thoughts and feelings.

Our thoughts and feelings come and go in the Now. But unlike sights, sounds, and the other things that come and go in the Now, thoughts and feelings change our experience of the Now when we identify with them. Nothing else that comes and goes in the Now has the same effect on our experience of the moment. The Now is just what it is, but our experience of it changes if we are identified with thoughts or feelings. If we aren’t identified with a thought or a feeling, we will feel the peace of the Now. If we are identified with a thought or a feeling, we will feel anxious, restless, discontent, and possibly some other negative feelings.