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What Meditation Is Best?

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Q: I would love if you could tell me if mantra meditation has the same results as just sitting and being In open awareness, because I’ve been doing both, but I want to do only one. What type of meditation is best? Many thanks!

A: That is a very good question! I can share that my friend, Jeffery Martin, who is a neuroscientist studying awakening has found that the well known spiritual practices or kinds of meditation that are widely practiced all tend to work in bringing about a shift in consciousness for about 5% of the people who encounter them. And it is not the same 5% for all, but different people respond differently to different practices and types of meditation. You can read more about this perspective here:

Loving Judgments

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Q: I feel "caught" in not being able to be free of judgment, primarily against selfish, greedy people and especially political leaders (including most Republicans), and can't seem to let it go in order to love them or even "forgive them for they know not what they do." Might this be because I haven't been able to forgive myself from judgment based on shame, fear, righteousness, and probably karma playing a part here that gets projected onto others? Is there  anything to do about this?

Manifesting and Letting Go

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I had a discussion recently with some friends about manifesting. Someone shared the pointer that the key to manifesting is to imagine having what you desire and then letting all thoughts about it go. Upon reflecting some more, it seems the key is letting go of the desire or the wanting, or else the thoughts about the object of desire just keep coming back.

This is not always easy. If only there was a little switch inside that turned off the desire!

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