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Testimonial Regarding the Long Term Effects of Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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eyes of jesus for website Someone contacted us with an inspiring and remarkable report on her long term experiences with the Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCT) over the past year that we have been offering them. She attended a live retreat with Gina last October where Gina first offered several CCTs as part of the gathering. And while she did not feel much of anything during those first transmissions, she decided to continue with the online gatherings we offer four times a week on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (as described here).

And here is what she experienced after attending for the last 12 months: 

I was there at the retreat in Colorado when you first started doing transmissions. I heard some people describe their incredible experience, but I felt nothing. Well, maybe not quite nothing because when the email came to continue attending them, I felt I should.

I have come to almost all of them except 2 or 3. In the last few months, my awareness of so much has shifted, including which voice I was listening to.

Seeing Truth. Embracing Life. Knowing that everything to awaken is already and has always been offered to me, in my life experiences.

It is kind of overwhelming, but not in a ‘bad’ way. I just do not know what to do with it all, the amazing awareness, expanding awareness.

I have listened to over and over to the channeled recordings. One day, I listened to the message from 12-31-17 (available on Youtube here) several times. A few days later this poem/writing came out of me. I listened to it again weeks later and I realized that it prompted this poem:


Everything is helpful
I have heard this..
I have read this..
I have not fully understood this.
How can this possibly be true for everyone?
Coz There are seems to be over 6 billion of us here.

I have tried to ‘think’ this into understanding.
That is not possible.
I cannot ‘think’ anything into Awareness
Everything just IS.
When I let go of the trying to ‘figure’ it out...
The how...The why... The what...
It comes to me & I feel into it...
I KNOW it.
I used to feel/think/believe
I was to hold fast to the Knowing
when it comes
Coz, to me, the doubts/uncertainties come soon after
Hold Fast to the Knowing, I told myself
Hold tightly onto it.
I feel differently now
I Know differently now.
Holding on to anything keeps me tied to the past,
anchored to something that is gone.
No matter how pleasant, beautiful or moving even

I Know Now
I Feel Now
I Live.. NOW

Each moment, Each Moment is such a Blessing.
However it looks.
Live in the moment
Love..each moment
Love the Experience
Grow..from the experience
CHOOSE...In The Moment
THAT..is how...

Listen to her reading the poem:

More info about the Christ Consciousness Transmissions and answers to frequently asked questions are here: https://endless-satsang.com/faq-about-online-christ-consciousness-transmissions.htm 

Small JS4placeit for web NEW: There is a new audiobook in the Jesus Speaking series that was just released: Jesus Speaking: On Embodying Christ Consciousness. This book is a collection of the channeled messages from Jesus that we have shared recently on the  transmission meetings. You can read about and purchase this new audiobook here: https://www.radicalhappiness.com/audio-video/jesus-channelings

Jesus by Danielle Tonossi

Non-Duality and Christ Consciousness Transmissions: Listen to the Recording of an Online Discussion with Grace Bubeck

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We had an online discussion on Saturday, Nov. 3rd with Grace Bubeck to explore the intersection between Nonduality and the Christ Consciousness Transmissions my wife, Gina Lake, and I offer every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here is the page on Grace's website with all of the info: http://www.living-from-love.com/gina-lake-and-nirmala.html

Here is the recording of our discussion on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrqirKbn3Uk&t=4285s



About the Event:

We explored the intersection of non-duality and Gina’s and Nirmala’s latest offering: Christ Consciousness transmissions. Transmissions from teacher to student or devotee have always been part of that transformational relationship. But what about transmissions from Jesus and other Ascended Masters? Is that also valid, and what does that have to do with non-duality?
The event has two parts: the first part was a conversation between Grace, Gina, and Nirmala, and the second part was an open space for people to ask questions or share their experience. Length: 90 mins.

About Gina:

Gina Lake is a non-dual spiritual teacher and the author of over twenty books about awakening to one’s true nature. She is also a gifted channel with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and over 25 years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. In 2012, Jesus began dictating books through her. These teachings from Jesus are based on universal, non-dual truth, not on any religion. Then, in November of 2017, Jesus asked Gina and her husband, Nirmala, who is also a non-dual spiritual teacher, to offer Christ Consciousness transmissions to groups online, which they’ve been doing every Sunday since then. Gina’s website offers information about her books and online course, a free e-book, and audio and video recordings: www.RadicalHappiness.com.

About Nirmala:

After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). She convinced him that seeking wasn't necessary; and after experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he began offering satsang and Non-dual Spiritual Mentoring with Neelam's blessing. Satsang is offered as a celebration of the possibility, in every moment, of recognizing the truth of who we are. Nirmala has a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to this rich tradition of inquiry into the truth of Being. Nirmala's website offers free e-books, info about non-dual spiritual mentoring and many audios and videos of his teaching: endless-satsang.com.

More info about the Christ Consciousness Transmissions that happen every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, is here: https://endless-satsang.com/faq-about-online-christ-consciousness-transmissions.htm