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Free Telesatsangs with Nirmala's teacher, Neelam on April 29th and June 3rd

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“Awakening is the end of the journey of searching for your Real Nature and the beginning of the journey of continuing with awareness.” ~ Neelam


Free & Open Telesatsangs with Neelam are a wonderful opportunity to be in Presence with Neelam and learn about her teaching.  Please join us April 29th and again on June 3rd.

With Love,
Fire of Truth Satsanga

Freedom in Every Moment – Free & Open TeleSatsang* with Neelam

Sunday, April 29th 10am – 12 pm MT

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Beginning with a strong desire for Truth and Freedom, through the process that leads us to Awakening, and through learning of the skills of Inquiry and how to build the capacity of our Nervous System to Be Here, we have an amazing opportunity in this lifetime to reach our goal.

We can use this rare and precious birth in the human body to Awaken to the Truth of who we really are and through the process of Embodiment, that includes addressing of the nervous system and unresolved habits of the Past we can live in the dynamic alive recognition of Presence and in true independence from the Past which I call Freedom

*This call is free and open to everyone – a great way to meet Neelam, sit with her in Presence and learn about her teaching.


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Neelam is available for private sessions

Sessions with Neelam are an opportunity to deepen 
your sense of presence in a safe, intimate space.  

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Download Nothing Personal Today!
nothing personalBefore you leave, be sure to get your free ebook copy of
Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self by Nirmala.

Nothing Personal leads you to the experience of your true nature and helps you explore its depth. Through exposition, questions and dialogues, it brings you to a place of realization of the Truth: you are the spacious Awareness in which everything appears.

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