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Reminders for Coping With Challenging Times from Gina Lake

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My wife, Gina Lake, shared some pointers on how to cope in these difficult times:

Reminders for Coping With Challenging Times from Gina Lake

Here are a few reminders for how to cope with challenging times like the one we are going through now as a result of the coronavirus.

  • Notice what you’re grateful for. It’s especially important that we focus on what we are grateful for now—what we have and can do, and not what we don’t have or can’t do. This is always good advice but especially important in times of difficulty, when the mind is prone to piling on negativity. Is this moment really a problem? If you are just here, right now, can you find peace inside you, even just a little? Can you find love within you, even just a little? Focus on these, and they will become your experience. Whatever you focus on becomes your experience of reality. This moment and every moment is an opportunity to focus on what you are grateful for and feel the love and peace that flow from that gratitude. Stay in that place of gratitude and keep coming back to it as you need to.
  • Stay positive. I don’t mean pretend that you are on top of the world or pretend that you are happy or fantasize that things are great. What I mean by “stay positive” is affirm the truth as a counterbalance to the negativity your mind might be putting out. For instance, repeat “All is well and unfolding as it needs to” in response to worries and fears. This is the truth. Other truthful, positive phrases are: “Be still, and know that I am God.” “I let go and let God.” “I am love and light. Nothing but good can come to me, and nothing but good can flow from me.” “I am that I am.” Making up your own phrase that brings peace and love back into your heart and repeating it can be especially powerful.
  • Pray: For example, you can pray: “May all beings be happy. May all beings be at peace. May I be happy. May I be at peace.” Or find another prayer you resonate with, or make one up. Ask for whatever you need help with. Connect with the nonphysical beings who are guiding you and ask them to send you healing, love, peace, understanding, insight—whatever you feel you need. Know that these beings exist to help you and be there for you. Feel their constant presence with you. Talk to them. You can also connect with them during our weekly online Christ Consciousness Transmission gatherings, which you can find out more about here: https://endless-satsang.com/christ-consciousness-transmission.htm
  • Stay present. Stay in the present moment. Fear is a negative thought about the future, and it’s just an imagination, nothing useful. You will be much more functional and happy if you just attend to what is in front of you. Use this time to practice being present. And take time to meditate.
  • Take slow deep breaths frequently. This calms the limbic system (fight or flight) and will help you be present and calm. Doing this for even just ten minutes will shift your consciousness.
  • Read spiritual books that help you maintain a higher state of consciousness. I happen to have a Netflix recommendation because it’s something I just watched, although I realize everyone’s tastes are different. Nevertheless, Anne with an e is a really wonderful, refreshing, full of love and goodness, 3-season show that I think many of you will enjoy.

Times like these have an enormous potential for spiritual growth. There is much good that can come out of this experience that would not have occurred without it. As with everything in duality, there is a silver lining, even if that isn’t apparent right now. 

Stay well and be at peace. All love…

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How Is Emptiness so Full?

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Q: I often listen to You Tube videos on Quantum physics. One of my favorites right now is Arvin Ash. He's basically an empiricist or physicalist, but puts forth interesting hypotheses on the nature of consciousness. I recently commented on a recent video that consciousness draws it fundamental nature from simple awareness, a sense of presence/wakefulness. Physicists often refer to consciousness as that part which is intellectual. I kind of follow a Krishnamurti POV and asserted that thought or thinking may not be conscious at all, but is produced in the brain and occurs on unconscious levels. Much if not all of thought is rote. Many cognitive- neuroscientists draw this conclusion. I wrote that awareness itself is without content and in Eastern Spirituality is not derived from the brain. In Zen Buddhism it is considered preferable to have an empty mind.

So where I am going with this is: Is pure awareness without content? Reading Zen Buddhist tracts says it is. Does Vedanta agree? I want to say Vedanta includes the Middle Kingdom. It's exclusive of the mechanism of thinking which is derivative of physical processes, such as memory. Isnt it? Im asking you because Gina is channeling Middle Kingdom entities. So here is my conundrum. What consciousness process is involved with experiences of this higher dimension. If pure awareness is empty and thought is derivative of brain function? Im curious how would Nirmala answer that? ❤

A: I would suggest that all of the entities, processes and qualities that you mention are part of a broad spectrum of reality. So they are not really separate, distinct experiences, even though we can distinguish them from each other. It is similar to how five of our fingers are really one hand, and yet we can clearly distinguish our thumb from our index finger and so on.

All things arise from and are made of one thing, which it is hard to name or define. How do you define everything and nothing? It is beyond any definition, even very broad definitions of, or categories of, experience, like "consciousness" or "presence" or "Beingness".

So perhaps thought free consciousness is a very expanded and unfiltered experience, while thought is still an expression of and experience of the same consciousness...just much more filtered and limited. In this view thought is just a very small expression of and experience of consciousness. More expanded states such as love and peace and joy are the same consciousness, but are larger expressions and experiences of that same awareness. Similarly, insects, animals, humans and ascended masters and archangels and deities are all expressions of and experiences of the same one being.

It is challenging for the mind to hold seemingly opposite things as true, such as that everything is one thing and yet also many things. It helps to switch back and forth between the two perspectives until they start to be able to coexist in your understanding, or until it all dissolves into a sense of wonder and amazement at how unknowable the most ordinary aspects of our existence really are. What a complete mystery consciousness is and will probably always remain. How can something as completely empty as awareness also be so damn full of thoughts and entities and endless universes?

I hope this helps 🙂

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