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Overcoming Dark Clouds

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Overcoming Dark Clouds

Published on
19 November 2011

A friend emailed me to report that after years of spiritual and psychological work that he still often becomes overwhelmed by depression and discouragement. He does have moments where it all falls away and he is in touch with a more joyful and clear perspective, but then it is as if a dark cloud reappears and hides any sense of presence or Being. He ended by asking if there is anything he might be missing that could be helpful.

I replied as follows:

I do have something to offer that may be something you have been missing. But please know that I hold what I am going to share lightly, as I believe it is a small part of the truth. Because it is metaphysical, it is easy to assume that it is something big and important, but it is really just a small thing that happens to be a part of metaphysical (non-physical) reality.

That being said, there are literally dark forces that can affect us. Some people have called them entities, as they appear as individual entities, just as you and I appear as individual entities. They just happen to not be physical. And while they can and do affect us, they are actually not very powerful. Mostly they affect us by inserting negative ideas and creating fear, but they cannot directly harm us. And since they are not very powerful, it is fairly easy to clear them from our energy field. My wife, Gina, has much more of a background in the metaphysical realms and has even written a book that includes information on how to clear these entities. You can read more about this book, The Shift: Becoming Your Best Self on her website. 

I bring this up because you mention dark forces and dark episodes yourself in your email, and the way you describe what happens is exactly how it feels when an entity is affecting you. There are two things that increase the likelihood that entities will hang around and have an effect. One is if there is a lot of emotional wounding. The wounding is like an opening in your energy field that allows the entity to attach or connect to your energy. And the second thing that attracts them, paradoxically, is if someone is very spiritually advanced and open. This attracts them, as it makes you a more valuable target, although in an actual  moment of spiritual connectedness, it also makes it harder for them to affect you. And I would suggest that both of these things are true in your case, so you are both a good target overall and at times you are an easy target because of your emotional wounding.

So check this out if you feel moved to. There is no need to make a big deal out of it, and yet it can be very helpful to know about this dimension of reality and to take the simple measures that can address it.

In a similar vein, I would also suggest you check out the Christ Consciousness Transmissions we offer, which can provide an infusion of more positive energy and connect you with higher beings. Read more info about these online gatherings. Many people have noticed definite improvements or complete healing of things like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after joining our transmission sessions.

Let me know if any of this info is helpful, my friend, and let me know what you experience if you do join us for a transmission.


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