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NewRadianceWithFrameExperiencing Divine Presence
by Gina Lake, Nirmala’s wife

This 50-page ebook by Gina Lake, Nirmala's wife, shows you how to experience the Divine in the world in simple ways by being very present. It is possible to experience the mysterious truth that everything is an expression of the Divine by paying close attention to the many signs that reveal this great Mystery. Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence points out these clues so that you can more easily recognize yourself as the Divine—that which is creating and has created this you that you think you are and all that this you is experiencing. It was given to Gina by her inner teacher.

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Recent Review of Radiance on Amazon:

"This is a wonderful, heart-opening and inspiring little gift of a book. It was the first book I encountered of Gina's, and it helped me more deeply experience the beauty and wonder of life, in little things and in everything. Since then, I've read all of Gina's books and have loved them all. An energy comes through the words that is very precious and reminded me of how special life is. Very uplifting--a real gift."

About Gina Lake:

Gina Lake, Nirmala's wife, is a spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping others wake up and live in the moment. She has a master's degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. Her books include Radical Happiness, Embracing the Now, Anatomy of Desire, Return to Essence, What About Now? Choosing Love, Living in the Now, and Getting Free. Her website offers free e-books, book excerpts, a free monthly newsletter, a blog, and audio and video recordings: www.radicalhappiness.com.

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