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<span class="highlight">Love</span> Is For Giving

Created on 08 January 2022. Posted in Satsang Videos

Video of satsang with Advaita spiritual teacher, Nirmala, in three parts (25 minutes total)       This satsang video explores the true nature of love. Love is both simpler and ...

The Many Dimensions of <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 07 October 2017. Posted in Blog

Q: I've learned that Love is inherent and always exists, but I have not learned that I can love all situations.  It seems to be a seed that is within me that certain situations evoke... like music, or trees, ...

There Is Never Too Much <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 03 May 2016. Posted in Blog

(Note: I am reposting some blog posts that are included in my newest book, Everything Is Included. More info and links to purchase the book are here.) Q: How can I detach from the love I feel for this ...

<span class="highlight">Love</span> Is Forgiving

Created on 25 July 2015. Posted in Blog

... love that flow more abundantly in a person who has a profound degree of spiritual development. In every relationship whether it is with a teacher, a friend, a family member, or even with ourselves, we ...

Drowning Your Fear in <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 25 November 2012. Posted in Blog

... people hold their viewpoints rigidly is simply because they are afraid. Holding any idea or belief rigidly is a response driven by fear. There are two movements within life. One is love and the other is ...

Rejection and Desire vs. <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 27 February 2012. Posted in MP3 Pages

Here is the mp3 recording of a talk by Nirmala to accompany chapter four of the book Meeting the Mystery: Rejection and Desire vs. Love   Go to Mp3 for chapter 3 /  Go to Mp3 for chapter 5 ...

Loving How Hard It Is to <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 27 July 2010. Posted in Blog

Here is a dialogue I had with someone on Facebook: Q: So what would you say in your experience is the most effective and simple way to open one's heart? A: The simplest thing is to give love. Just give ...

Seeing <span class="highlight">Love</span> in Every Action

Created on 29 June 2010. Posted in Blog

Q: You say there is love in every action because love is the nature or essence of everything. Can this lead to a denial of or even justification for cruel and horrible actions? A: You’re right that seeing ...

Two Paths to <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 01 June 2010. Posted in Blog

... that I suffer a lot. I can be so sweet and nice, giving my all attention to a person, but behind that is such a great need to be loved and appreciated. And once I get that feeling of being loved, I want ...

Authenticity and <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 18 March 2010. Posted in Blog

... try experimenting with simply giving acceptance and attention to your boss and others. When we give love or approval to others, we are filled with a sense of loving Presence, not when we get love or approval ...

Seeing <span class="highlight">Love</span> in an Act of Murder

Created on 29 June 2009. Posted in Blog

Q: The quote in your exquisite book, Living from the Heart, “But when we see the loving nature of even murder....” needs expansion for me. A: When I point to love as the true nature of even a murderous ...

Falling in <span class="highlight">Love</span> with Truth

Created on 17 January 2009. Posted in Blog

Here is another poem from the book, Gifts with No Giver, available as a free spiritual poetry download on the free ebooks page. I have fallen in love with truth I only want to be with her I can not stand ...

There Is Only <span class="highlight">Love</span>

Created on 10 October 2008. Posted in Blog

... else has ever done has been the movement of love. What shapes this movement of love is the sense of me. What we're always doing is taking care of the self, whether it is a small sense of self or a more ...

<span class="highlight">Love</span> Is for Giving

Created on 03 May 2007. Posted in Free Articles

(Note: This article is translated into Spanish here, Polish here, and French here. This article is an excerpt from Nirmala's book, Living from the Heart, available as a free ebook  here.) What is love ...