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Space Versus Distance

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Space Versus Distance

Published on
26 August 2013
Practical Pointers

Q: If I may ask, How is creating space different than creating distance?

A: Creating or giving space to something is different than creating distance from it. Space is what you are and it is full of loving connection. This makes sense since there is only one "space" and that is what we all are, so we are all connected in the space of our Being. So when you give space to something, you are giving it loving acceptance and acknowledging your connection to it.

Distance is an external measurement of how far apart two objects are in the physical world. It is a useful way of measuring things on the surface of this world. But space does not end at the surface of an object, and continues right into the core of everything. Space connects us all, even as distance appears to separate us.

You can sense this most clearly when you love someone very much. It does not matter how far the distance is between you, they are always right here with you in the space of your love.