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Subscribe to Read Nirmala's and Gina Lake's Books for Free

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Subscribe to Read Nirmala's and Gina Lake's Books for Free

Published on
06 April 2021

You can now borrow several of Nirmala's and Gina Lake's ebooks by being a member of the Kindle Unlimited program (like a Netflix for ebooks). And the first month is FREE! Kindle unlimited is now available on Amazon in the UK, Canada, Australia, India and many European countries, in addtion to the US.

Several of our books are now part of the selection on the Kindle Unlimited subscription program. For $9.99(US) per month you can borrow and read an unlimited number of ebooks from the Kindle Store on The first month of membership is free, and you can cancel anytime. Once you sign up, then the books can be downloaded to your Kindle device, or read on a Kindle App on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Especially with the free first month of membership, this is an affordable way to sample several of our books.

This is a great way to read more of our books at no or very low cost, plus over a million other books that are also available through Kindle Unlimited. Here are several of our ebooks that you can borrow and read today (Click on the covers to go right to the Amazon store page for each book where you can click the "Read for Free" link on the right side to sign up)

book cover meeting mystery  JS4frontcover  book cover everything inclu  That Is That  Gina Lake's Faith, Facts, and Fiction

 CS3Dcroppedlowres  AMG 3Dplaceit

WhatJesusWants frontcover  FSSfrontcover  TLfrontcover  IWfrontcover  BeingHappyFrontcover 

Several of our books are available in Spanish, and they can also be borrowed on Kindle Unlimited.
View available Spanish language books.