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How to Help Support the Teaching and Writing of Nirmala and Gina Lake

Over the years, we have received requests for suggestions as to how someone can support the teaching and writing work of Nirmala and Gina Lake. So here are some simple ways you can help, including several ways to help at no cost:

gift w no giver1-Download our free ebooks. The way that ebookstores are set up, the more a book is downloaded, the more that website will promote the ebook to other visitors. So even if you already have one of our free ebooks, you can help us by downloading them anyways from the various stores including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks. Just follow the links on our free ebooks page and our free Spanish ebooks page to the various stores and download the books for free. (This helps even if you download a version of the ebook in a language you can't read!)

2-Write a review of one of our books. The more reviews a book has, the more the ebookstores promote that book also. If you write an honest review, that will help more people find their way to our books. Note that on some ebookstores you have to purchase the ebook or download the free ebook before they will allow you to write a review. However, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you can write a review even if you have not purchased the book, as long as you have an account. Again follow the book download and purchase links on the free ebook pages mentioned above to reach the book pages where you can leave a review. It also can help if you write a review on Goodreads.com which is a social site for book lovers. Nirmala's page on Goodreads is here, and Gina's page is here. (Tip: You can copy and paste a review into more than one website to save retyping the review.)

3- Share our website on social websites. Many of the pages on both this website and Gina's website have social sharing buttons (usually near the bottom of the page) that you can use to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites. This only takes a second, but it can bring many more people to the free material on our websites.You can also copy and paste the url address of any webpage into a social site to share it with others.

love and surrender4- Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Audible.com by following a link to one of Gina's books on Audible. You can cancel anytime, or continue for $14.95 a month. We earn a comission for any of our audiobooks that you download as part of the 30-day free trial when you follow a link on our websites to join. Links to several of Gina's most recent audiobooks on Audible are on this page: https://www.radicalhappiness.com/audio-video/jesus-channelings

5-Like our author pages on Facebook: Nirmala's page is here, and Gina's page is here. This also allows you to stay more in touch with us on Facebook.

6- We recently launched a new effort to expand our free ebook offerings and spread the word about the free ebooks to an even wider audience. You can read more about this new program and learn how you can support that effort here.There are several free gifts you can receive if you decide to offer a continuing monthly donation in support of our free ebooks program, as described here.

7- Amazon has a program called AmazonSmile where you can easily register your Amazon account and then Endless Satsang Foundation will automatically receive a donation from every purchase you make, all at no cost to you! This is an effortless way to support Endless Satsang. Click on this banner to register for this program on Amazon.com:

8-Of course donations are also greatly appreciated. If you have enjoyed the free ebooks and other material we offer, this is the most direct way to support our continuing to provide these teachings. Our non-profit, Endless Satsang Foundation, is a recognized 501c-3 religious organization and so donations may be tax-deductible. Donations can be mailed to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona AZ 86340. Or here is a button that allows you to make a donation on Paypal:


Finally, your interest in and enthusiasm for these teachings is the greatest gift you can give us. Please enjoy this website and all of the material we offer. Thank you!

Gina Lake and Nirmala.


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