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Ten Teachings for One World

On a glorious fall day in 2012, while sitting in a garden graced by a statue of Mother Mary, Gina Lake heard Mother Mary address her: “You are my beloved child.” This began an ongoing relationship and communication with Mother Mary. Ten Teachings for One World is a message from Mother Mary to all her beloved children on earth. The teachings are intended to bring us into closer contact with the peace and love that is our divine nature, which has the ability to transform our hearts and our world. Mother Mary’s gentle wisdom will inspire and assist you in awakening to the magnificent being that you are. (Fifty percent of the profits from this book go to feeding the hungry.)

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Review of Ten Teachings for One World:

“Gina Lake is well-known and respected for her many books on non-duality teachings. Her work has been likened to teachers like Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now). Gina's writes on Oneness, Love, and the discovery or reawakening of our own True Nature, our Divine Essence. There is never any dogmatism in her teachings. Like Rumi, who saw that all religions are in their essence ‘singing the same song,’ Gina's open mind and heart take us to the Essence of all religions and paths. In her new book, Ten Teachings for One World: Wisdom from Mother Mary, Gina shares with us the Essence of all teachings on the Divine Feminine, who is called by many names... The messages in this book are life changing and heart opening, showing us a clear path to our own Divine Nature. Each of the ten lessons is a treasure. It is beautifully written with deep truths made clear and accessible to everyone of any religion or no religion. This book is filled with Love and light. It shows us the way to open and receive this Love, wisdom, guidance, and comfort within our own selves. Sufi's tell us that the heart is the abode of the soul. This book will open your heart and reawaken your soul. It is a tender, loving message of Who We Are... Perhaps we can all see ourselves as Mary, each of us giving birth to the Christ, the True Self within us as Spirit incarnated in form.” –Cathy Lyons Colletti on Amazon

About Gina Lake:

Gina Lake, Nirmala's wife, is a spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping others wake up and live in the moment. She has a master's degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. Her books include Radical Happiness, Embracing the Now, Anatomy of Desire, Return to Essence, What About Now? Loving in the Moment, Living in the Now, and Getting Free. Her website offers free e-books, book excerpts, a free monthly newsletter, a blog, and audio and video recordings: www.radicalhappiness.com.

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