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Jesus by Danielle TonossiYou have successfully subscribed to the list to be reminded of the weekly online Christ Consciousness Transmission with Gina Lake and Nirmala. You can unsubscribe anytime using the link in the email reminders. Please note that this is a separate email list from Gina's and Nirmala's email newsletters. See you on the next meeting.

These sessions are offered by donation. The suggested donation is $10-$20 (US) per session. You can click below to make a donation on Paypal, where you can also use a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Or you can mail a check made out to Endless Satsang Foundation to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340. Please make your donation before attending one of the sessions.


How to Attend a Online Transmission

To attend a group session after making your donation, just follow this link every Sunday at 11:00 am Pacific time (12:00 noon Mountain Time, 1:00 pm Central Time, 2:00 pm Eastern Time, 7:00 pm British Tme, and 8:00 pm Central European Time - note that these are all currently on daylight savings/summer time):


If you are not familiar with the Zoom platform where the meetings will be hosted, you can learn how to attend a meeting by watching the video here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-How-Do-I-Join-A-Meeting-  You can attend online on your computer, smartphone, tablet or even by dialing in from your telephone. (See this page for instructions to join by telephone.)


Here are some FAQ about the online transmissions.


New: Nirmala is now offering Christ Consciousness Transmissions

Read more about these transmissions, a powerful new tool for awakening.
jesus christ good shepherd I am offering 20 minute transmissions as an optional part of an hour long one-on-one spiritual mentoring session. Follow the link below to arrange a mentoring session and mention on the form if you would like to include a Christ Conciousness Transmission or CCT in your session. Note that the transmission works best on Zoom, and that on a one-to-one session on Zoom, you will be able to record the video to your own computer. You can learn more about how to join a Zoom meeting on the video on this page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-How-Do-I-Join-A-Meeting-  You can also experience the Christ Consciousness Transmission in a weekly online group session as described here.

Use this Scheduling App to book your session today:



Spiritual Mentoring Testimonials:

jeffmonkey“In my spiritual mentoring sessions with Nirmala, I have found all the qualities one might expect from a deep contact with truth: honesty, humility, unending patience and precision in dealing with all manner of life's questions and challenges. Having heard many of the best examples from the plethora of contemporary Advaita and Nondual teachers emerging over the last twenty years, I can only say that few have illuminated the rich and complex intersection of spirituality and psychology as well as Nirmala. His balance of heart and wisdom creates a nurturing container for waking up."”—Jeff Wolcott
helga“It is with Nirmala's incredible dedication, commitment, and unbelievable patience that I was able to make it through an amazingly difficult period in my life and witness the transformation of the past. With such humility and graciousness, such gentleness, he had the awareness and compassion to create a space in which I see myself for who I truly am. My gratefulness is unbounded. I have never met anyone with such lack of ego. No matter what I threw at him, he never took any of it personally.”—Helga Schleeh
SusanMiller“Nirmala, I absolutely love our one hour spiritual counseling sessions on the phone. I do not have access to satsang where I live and our sessions keep me headed in the direction of growth, discovering the truth and having a more directed, peaceful experience in everything that I do. It is very valuable to have the one on one experience with you rather than a large group. I can have a very personal experience and get the needed direction to have more insight into myself . You have helped me to become clearer, more loving, and to have more peace with my daughters, my career, and with my life as it unfolds. Your loving and nonjudgmental nature is a rarity and so much needed.” –Susan Miller
JohnG“For centuries one of the gems offered in some traditions is spiritual direction. This, in a little different context, is what Nirmala and I do once a month by phone. He helps me see, claim, and explore who I really am and at the same time be with that awareness as it expresses itself in every kind of way—contracted and expanded, painful and joyful. Nirmala offers gentle care, playfulness, and illumination, clearly coming from and modeling spaciousness itself.” –Rev. John Gorsuch


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