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The Ego Is a Pimp -It Doesn't Do Anything

| Nirmala | Miscellaneous

The Ego Is a Pimp -It Doesn't Do Anything

Published on
04 March 2010

Q: After destroying one’s ego how do we transact in this world? Can you please clear this up?

A: The ego has always been just a thought, so it has never really done anything. I sometimes say the ego is like a pimp: It stands around and takes a lot of credit for doing nothing. Something else called Being is living your life. Being is very good at living your life, whether egoic thoughts arise or not.

Being creates your experiences through the filter of the egoic thoughts when they are present, since Being itself has no preference for what happens or what it experiences. This filtering of Being’s actions makes it appear that the ego is doing something, since the ego’s thoughts are having an effect. But the creative force that is actually acting is still Being.

Once the egoic thoughts are dissolved or even just loosened, the same creative process generates lots of experiences and actions without those actions being filtered through the ego’s beliefs. Being has always been beating your heart, growing your hair, and getting you up in the morning and off to work or whatever you do. It can and will continue to breathe and work and play and love and all of the rest once the ego is out of the way.