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The Gift Life Is Delivering to Your Door

| Nirmala | Awakening

The Gift Life Is Delivering to Your Door

Published on
21 August 2010

Q: Is life predetermined, or is my friend who uses manifesting techniques successfully onto something? I deeply know the truth, but I feel caught in the ego’s separation. How can this imperfect self help others? I want to have an abiding awakening and live as this truth rather than just have a mental knowing of it. I have recently learned to meet everything directly, and although this sounds like a conceptual tactic, I want to face the truth of my moment-to-moment experience fully.

A: Meeting every moment is all that is really required. Our lives are not so much predetermined (although from a certain perspective it looks that way) as much as they are orchestrated moment to moment by a very wise and loving Presence. It is so good at creating this beautiful life and everything in it that it doesn’t need a plan. It just improvises everything.

Everything you experience and everything your friend who believes we create our reality experiences is part of this wonderful improvised creation. We recently met a Harvard researcher who is studying consciousness. He told us that it seems that some people are at a point where manifesting techniques are appropriate for them and work for them, while others not at that point can use the same techniques and make their life worse! And those who have used manifesting techniques successfully for years can find themselves at a point where those techniques no longer work and even backfire and seem to cause their life to fall apart. However, he hadn’t found a formula yet that explains when or how a spiritual awakening can happen, as it can arise when your life is working or when it’s not working at all.

I invite you to welcome all of your experiences, including when you are able to manifest what you desire and when you aren’t. Every experience is an opportunity to discover more of the depth, richness, and mystery of this crazy and yet beautiful life. What a blessing it is whenever you can meet life in this completely open way. And when you can’t meet life fully, then the blessing in that moment is found in the depth of suffering that not being able to meet life takes us to. Sometimes the Heart has to break open to reach the deepest core.

The awakening you want so deeply is unfolding here as your entire life, including every experience. The life you are living is how life is happening for you. There is no need to compare yourself to others except to notice what else is possible. But however life turns out for you, every experience is a gift that life is delivering to your door in this moment.