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The Imax Movie in Your Head

Video of Satsang with Nirmala, 24 minutes:

Why do thoughts seem so real? This recording of a satsang with Nirmala explores the nature of thoughts and how we can mistake them as being more real than they are. It is part of a collection of nine satsang talks given by Nirmala in 2011 in Sedona, Arizona. You can purchase the entire collection of mp3 recordings here. (See menu at left or below for more nondual satsang videos with Advaita spiritual teacher, Nirmala)

And enjoy several other satsang videos of Nirmala and his wife, Gina Lake, by subscribing to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nirmalanow
Photos by Mary Scott and are used by permission.


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Nirmala and his wife, Gina Lake, are now offering Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCTs) in four weekly online groups on Thursdays and Sundays at 11:00 am Pacific time, and also on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 5:00 pm Pacific time. Read more about these transmissions designed to facilitate awakening.

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