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The Journey Is the Destination

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The Journey Is the Destination

Published on
12 June 2012
Practical Pointers

I also had a follow up reply to my recent blog post entitled, How Sweet Air Is, After We Go Without It for a While!

Q: So life is an autonomic unfolding, where in joy, sorrow, pain, bliss, expansion, contraction is built-in and unfolding on its own accord. What I am curious  to know, Is there any purpose to it all ? Are we headed anywhere when we go through all these states? Or is it just randomness?

A: There are several possibilities and you get to choose which one is true for you. You can see it as pointless and it will feel pointless to you, or you can decide it has a purpose and you can even decide what the purpose is, and for you that will be the purpose.

But even simpler is to let everything be its own purpose. So when you go for a walk, the purpose is to go for a walk. When you pick a carreer, the purpose is to pick a career. When you decide not to choose a career, the purpose is to experience not choosing a career. It is much more complicated when the purpose is something other than the thing itself. If you go for a walk to lose weight or to get fit, then it is much more complicated than just going for a walk. If you choose a career to make your parents happy, or to make yourself happy, then there are lots more things at stake than the simple choice of a career which usually does not make anyone happy or unhappy. Most people choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy, and so career choices that you or others make are just an excuse to go ahead and make the choice to be happy or unhappy. Again it is simpler if you just be happy for the purpose of being happy!

From this simpler perspective, life does not have to get anywhere in particular, because wherever you are and wherever you are going is also the purpose in this moment. The journey is the destination. Even if it turns out to be random, then the purpose is to experience randomness!

I hope this helps, and please remember to hold this all lightly. It is all make believe, and so you get to make your own beliefs about what it all means and where it is going.