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Thoughts Are Like Clouds

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Thoughts Are Like Clouds

Published on
07 April 2023

Q: There is a belief that thoughts are important and they matter because they can create beliefs and they create our experience of life, and they influence our choices and behaviors. Which makes it feel like the thoughts in my mind are important and makes me sort of afraid of them especially when negative thoughts arise. Can you give me some insight on this? 

A: There are many levels of truth, just like how on a cloudy day, the sky above the clouds is blue....and even further out in space, the sky is black. Similarly, thoughts have some importance...mostly as you say in coloring our experience of life. But there is much more that is unfolding life than our thoughts. (There is more about the different levels of truth here: )

In fact, the way they color our experience is in covering or veiling the bigger truths of life....kind of like how clouds cover the sky. But that does not make them wrong or bad, it is just their nature and their purpose to shape our perceptions in this way. But with more and more experience of bigger realities, they become less important. When you really know the nature of the sky and the infinite space beyond our atmosphere, then a few clouds are not that big a deal.

We shared a message from Mother Mary in our transmission gathering today that uses a different metaphor of life being like a river, and our thoughts are like the boat that we paddle around with. But in the end, we end up where the bigger truth of the river is going. Here is that message on Youtube:
Let Everything Be as It Is

I hope this is helpful.


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