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What About Love?

Reminders for Being Loving
by Gina Lake, Nirmala’s wife

What About Love? Reminders for Being Loving is a collection of 23 essays and 58 short quotes about love and relationship taken from Gina Lake’s many books, which are meant to expand your understanding of love, drop you into a more loving space, and inspire you daily to be more loving. Here are a couple samples from the book:

“It is actually possible to love anyone. There are people whose heart doesn’t close to anyone, no matter what someone looks like or how someone acts or how different he or she is, because they see beyond the person’s disguise to what is Real. The Real—the divine Self—is apparent in everyone if we choose to look for it. It’s easier to see it in some people than in others, but it can be seen in the eyes of anyone. The eyes are where it is most easily seen. Everyone knows what it looks like, although not everyone looks for it or chooses to see it.”

"There’s a deeper satisfaction to be had, and it isn’t based on having anything but on being. When you are happy just being, then you don’t need your partner to be anything for you. You don’t need anything. Then it’s possible to have a truly loving relationship, one based on celebrating the truth—the ultimate reality of who you are."

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Recent Review of What About Love? on Amazon:

"I have been searching for so long I almost forgot these feelings and ideas existed. This book is so powerful that it will help awaken all who have the false identity of ego and want to break free. It has finally happened, by the grace of GOD... a teacher with such wisdom, who has rediscovered what so many were looking for. I am so grateful that in this lifetime I was released from the bondage of ego. I feel slightly high from its effects. I wish to others they read and absorb this book for it will the best gift you have given yourself."

About Gina Lake:

Gina Lake, Nirmala's wife, is a spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping others wake up and live in the moment. She has a master's degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. Her books include Radical Happiness, Embracing the Now, Anatomy of Desire, Return to Essence, What About Now? Loving in the Moment, Living in the Now, and Getting Free. Her website offers free e-books, book excerpts, a free monthly newsletter, a blog, and audio and video recordings: www.radicalhappiness.com.

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