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What Is Left When "You" Dissolve

| Nirmala | Self-Inquiry

What Is Left When "You" Dissolve

Published on
24 October 2013

Q: Is there an explanation why when I look at my image in the mirror saying "who am I", after several minutes I feel as if my "identity" disolves? I have never gone  beyond that, but, a mixture of fascination and fear puzzles me about this experience.

A: I can simply share that your experience is normal and typical. That self-inquiry question is meant to dissolve our usual ideas of identity, so it seems that it was working. I would invite you to keep playing with it as you get more used to the feeling of dissolving. It is not so bad after all to have any false identities dissolve. What is left after the dissolving is your true nature, so you might also get curious about what is still present when "I" am no longer here. For instance, what is it that notices the identity dissolving?

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